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Practice More & Feel Better

30 Minute Challenge Days: Each themed challenge day is a half hour long to ensure you can warm up and safely move through a series of poses. 

Plenty Of Themed Challenges: Enjoy a selection of themed yoga challenges to pick from. Ranging from something mellow like "Yoga For Sleep," all the way to an "Advance Poses Challenge," we've got you covered!

Learn More & Worry Less

Beginner to Advanced: Regardless of your ability level you'll find an appropriate challenge suited to your needs.

Ever-Growing Pose Library: Not sure about the exact alignment of a pose? Find the specific pose you're looking for and perfect it step-by-step!

You're Not Alone!

Facebook Group: Share you journey with others in our private Facebook group. Discover a sense of community and progress with others! 

Teacher Access: I am always happy to help! Just reach out via email or direct message and I'll be happy to answer your questions!

Mental Clarity

Soothing Classes: Regardless of your ability level enjoy calming yet energizing yoga classes designed to help you re-frame your mindset each day!

Uplifting Challenges: Each 7-day series moves us through topics that are designed to uplift our lives and progress in our yoga practice. 

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What People Are Saying

Shelby Jones


“I've basically gotten all of my alignment cues from Landon. He Just has a brilliant way of guiding you effortlessly into each pose.”

Heather Briggs,


“All I can say is that my consistency has improved dramatically. These challenges have been just the spark I've needed!”