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Why Choose ProtoBots?


Craft Custom Agents Quickly:

  • No prompt Engineering required
  • 1 minute or less to create your first bot
  • We do all the work for you


Dependable Outputs:

  • Accurate answers
  • Your data always remains private
  • Control access to agents for specific users


Budget Friendly For:

  • Casual users
  • Accessing documents with high word counts 
  • Scaling and sharing agents across teams

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Just Look At What These Users

Are Doing With ProtoBots...

"Saved me 40 hours of work"

I had to deliver about 20 pages of material for my institution to review. It would have taken me an entire week to complete this task! I simply uploaded all the books, outlines, and material that I needed for reference into ProtoBots. Then I could talk with my own specialized agent! It curated everything I needed in about 30 minutes!

~ Dr. Ray Bowman - DBA ~

"Streamlines our processes"

The A.I. agents me and my team have created in ProtoBots are indispensable. It's made so many of our automations, systems, and processes so much faster! I can't imagine going back to the way we used to do things. Now we've got a serious edge over our competitors that's helping us grow.

~ Alexa Pao - CEO ~ 

"You can't do this stuff on ChatGPT"

I'm no prompt engineer - that's for sure! When I tried using ChatGPT to reference my documents it was clunky, confusing, and expensive! The more documents I needed to reference pricier things got! The value from ProtoBots is astonishing. I got better answers AND it's clearly the cheaper option for multiple documents. 

~ Francesco Ferrati - PHD ~

Transparent and Affordable Pricing

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  • Automated Prompting 
  • Unlimited Projects
  • Custom File Libraries
  • 100,000 tokens
  • Endless Use Cases
  • Chat with your own custom bots
  • Start crafting your first bot today!