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Introducing The Fast-Track Solution To Help Remove All The Confusion Out Of Learning Yoga By Certified Yoga Teacher Landon Slaughter

Creator/Instructor: Landon Slaughter

Discover an easy way to master all the basics of so you can do yoga with confidence, stop risking injuries, breathe better, and feel amazing after every yoga session you do!

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Chris G.

Registered Nurse

"I have been doing yoga for quite some time and have been exposed to many yoga teachers. You are by far, the absolute best! You have a talent for demystifying yoga and you give excellent cues!”

Heather Briggs,


“All I can say is that my consistency has improved dramatically. These videos have been just the spark I've needed!”

A 35 Video Series To Help Bring You Up To Speed, Quickly

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Part 1: Foundation

Master The Foundation & Eliminate Confusion

Learn and practice all the foundational segments of a yoga class so you never feel "lost" again. This 3 hour section can easily be done in small parts over a weekend. 

  • Easy step-by-step learning to ensure you remain confident without feeling overwhelmed.
  • Learn how to consistently predict what poses the teacher will do next to ensure you're always on the same page with the rest of the class.
  • Gradually build up to doing a full 45 minute basic yoga class. You'll be amazed at how much easier everything is when you understand the whole picture.  
Part 2: Alignment

Perfect Your Alignment & Gain Confidence

This 7-day challenge series helps you perfect 7 must-know yoga postures that will ensure you practice yoga safely! Find confidence in the way you do yoga when you understand how and why each yoga pose should feel the way it is supposed to.

  • The one alignment cue you should never do - or else  risk hurting your back.
  • One weird place to engage your body that makes every yoga pose easier to do.
  • What you must stop worrying about if you ever want to improve your standing poses.
  • How to overcome your ego of how a pose "should" look just by practicing a variation of this pose.
  • Downward dog may be the most popular yoga pose ever, but did you know that 99% of people (even some teachers) are doing it wrong?
Part 3: Breathing

Discover Proper Breathing & Enhance Your Mood

Enjoy a 7-day challenge series all about connecting your movement with breath. This final part of the Yoga Success Roadmap is what ensures you'll feel measurably better after every yoga session. 

  • The single most important way to breathe to help you become more flexible, quicker.
  • What advanced yoga students do instinctively part way through class that ENSURES a better shavasana experience - now broken down and explained for beginners! 
  • If you're easily distracted in your yoga sessions, then here's how to tap into your breathing to keep unwavering focus and concentration. 
  • What you must do to avoid feeling "rushed" in your yoga classes.
  • How to trigger an instant relaxation response to help get you into the "zone" even before stepping on your yoga mat... just use this ancient yogic breathing technique.
  • Quickly and easily understand the best way to synchronize movement with breathing to unlock your best yoga practice yet!
  • Melt away tight trouble areas (like your back and hips) with this unique breathing technique only taught in this course.

Finally, An Easy Way To Get Up To Speed On All The Basics Of Yoga, Without Having To Take Hundreds Of Classes

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Frequently Asked Questions


How Will My Course Be Delivered? 

Immediately after check out you'll be sent an email with your own private link. That private link will grant you access to your entire course. Please check your email.


How Long Will I Have Access To The Course?

You will have access to the entire course forever. You may repeat the course as many times as you like.


Is Each Video Released Daily, Or Will I Have Full Access ?

You will have full access to all 35 videos instantly after checkout. You can watch any video at any time, but it is highly recommended to go in order.


What Devices Can I Watch This On?

Any device that has internet can access the course videos. Smart TVs can easily be set to play these videos as well.


Do I Need Any Extra Equipment Or Props?

You won't need to buy anything extra. Some people enjoy using blocks or yoga blankets to aid in their journey, but these things are not a requirement for this course. 


If I'm Not Satisfied, How Do I Get a Refund?

You are guaranteed on your purchase for a full 60 days. If you are not happy with your purchase for any reason you may claim a full refund. Simply email support@yogawithlandon and I’ll issue a full refund within 48 hours.


Every video is downloadable! You buy the course, so you own the videos! Download them, stream them, whichever you like!

Flash Sale Price: $17

85% OFF

Now Claim The Yoga Success Roadmap For Only $17 Before It Goes Away!