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Welcome to the Yoga Success Roadmap!

Step 1: Learn the foundational segments of a yoga class. This is important because it will provide you with a solid knowledge of how a class is structured so that you never feel lost.

Step 2: Enjoy a short 20 minute alignment masterclass to help ensure proper form.

Step 3: Dive deep into proper alignment. This is vital to provide you with more confidence in your practice and prevent injuries.

Step 4: Master your breathing. The more focused you stay on your breathing, the better you'll feel during and after your yoga sessions.

Step 5: Now that you've got all the foundations under your belt, enjoy 7 hour-long classes specifically designed for the beginner level yoga student!

5-10 Min Explanations

40 Min Class

12 Videos Total

Series Overview:

Master the basics, quickly! This series is perfect for demystifying all the confusing yoga terminology and helping you build confidence as you work towards doing your first full yoga class. 

20 Min Lesson

1 Video Total


If you want to have a healthy, injury-free body then paying attention to alignment is vital. 

Granted, there's no way to teach the hundreds of granular alignment details in just twenty minutes. However, we can break things down into 3 guiding-light principles to ensure you remain in proper form. 

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30 Min Classes

14 Videos Total

Series Overview:

A huge part of yoga is understanding how to be in proper form throughout your practice. Each day you'll watch a short posture education video, then move through a 30 minute flow to help incorporate all you've learned!

This series will ensure you stave off injuries, build your confidence, and extract the most out of every pose you do!

30 & 60 Min Classes

9 Videos Total

Series Overview:

Want to feel your absolute best after each and every yoga practice? Mastering your breath is key to unlocking this. 

Movement with breath is what helps all the major systems in our bodies... From circulatory to lymphatic and neurological to musculoskeletal, breath can be tremendously powerful.

60 Min Classes

7 Videos Total

Series Overview:

This series contains full body yoga classes designed specifically for those just starting out.

We will build upon everything we've learned thus far by slowly learning a few more fun postures and even variations of common poses.