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~ Day 1 ~

Practice Yoga Safely 

Help Eliminate The Risk Of Injuries & Quickly Master Proper Form 

  • Not flexible? No problem! Quickly learn how to get all the stretching benefits from any yoga pose - no matter how flexible you are! 
  • Learning proper alignment in yoga can take years! Instead, allow these 3 straightforward principles to ensure your body maintains proper form and remains injury-free.
  • Keep the discs between your vertebrae healthy with this special "Ground & Grow" technique.

Enjoy Yoga That Works For Your Body & Your Ability Level

  • Safely improve your body's flexibility, strength, and balance with this soothing hour-long yoga class. 
  • Are you unknowingly risking injuries by doing yoga? We'll explore a handful of "what-NOT-to-do" situations to better understand proper form, boost confidence, and keep your body healthy.
  • Enjoy a yoga class that helps you grow within your ability level, rather than force you out of it! 

Avoid 9 Critical Mistakes In These Common Yoga Poses

  • After the exclusive training... After The 60 minute class... Discover EVEN MORE helpful tips and insights to safeguard your body from injuries.
  • Simple activities like walking our pets, cleaning the kitchen, and even sleeping can cause sudden, unwanted injuries... Learn how yoga helps keep your body resilient in everyday life. 
  • Do you favor one leg while standing? This may be causing repetitive strain in your hips... Learn how the Balanced Weight Principle helps protect your joints from deteriorating wear and tear.

Cindy G. 64

Care Giver

“I've noticed an immense difference in opening up my lower back, hip, calves and hamstrings. It's made a world of difference to me. I can't stress enough the benefits! Thanks Landon!"

~ Day 2 ~

Improve Your Mobility 

Enhance Mobility In Your Hips, Shoulders, & Spine

  • The less range of motion we have in our hips the more we risk serious falls... Promote a healthy walking stride with this special hip opening technique.
  • Tight neck & shoulders? Learn how to instantly release this overburdened area. 
  • Twisting motions can be beneficial to your spinal column, ONLY IF you know how to do this safely. Learn how proper twisting form can help improve the mobility of your spinal column. 

Simple & Effective Yoga Postures To Improve Range Of Motion

  • Enjoy a gentle and gradual approach to improving your mobility without having to strenuously push to the edge of your flexibility. 
  • Feel the tension melt away through your shoulders as we move through 3 targeted postures for this area. 
  • Learn a special 3 breath technique that instantly loosens your tight hips - normally only taught in private 1-on-1 lessons!

Promote Longevity In Your Joints & Release Stiff Trouble Areas 

  • Ever pulled a muscle from bending over too quickly? Learn this invaluable skill that prevents this silly mistake from happening. 
  • INCLUDED: Information from John Hopkins Medicine that details what parts of your shoulder are, "... subject to injury, overuse, and underuse."  
  • Did you know there are two types of range of motion? Learn which one you should encourage more to ensure the vitality of your joints as you age. 

Betty K. 73

Retired Teacher

“The restorative poses have been the most beneficial to me. The deeper stretch relieves the tension that's built up in my lower back. I feel SO much better afterwards and I can go about my day without pain."

~ Day 3 ~

Discover Better Balance 

3 Quick Ways To Ditch That Wobbly & Shaky Feeling

  • It's not about, "catching" your balance... It's about using certain muscles in your legs to ALLOW your innate sense of balance to the surface.  
  • This common household item is like a whetstone that quickly sharpens, helps fortify, and safely ensures a sense of stability in your balance.
  • Discover the, "Stoplight Trick" and how it helps you cultivate more body awareness to keep your balance longer - even on one foot!

A Safe & Gentle Way To Practice Your Balance

  • Glide through your everyday life without fear of wobbles or sudden feelings of being off-balance. Practice a handful of pose-to-pose transitions that help keep you stable while in motion!
  • If you've ever hopped around on the mat like a pogostick, then you may be ignoring these important balance warning signs.
  • Learn how to spot the exact moment you're going to lose your balance and how to prevent it from happening. This unique trick will become your mental barometer for keeping you balanced and steadfast. 

Enjoy Detailed Instruction With Step-By-Step Examples

  • Did you know there are 5 different innate forces that can negatively affect balance? Learn how to turn the tables on these forces so they work in your favor.
  • See side-by-side comparisons! These before-and-after pictures will help you avoid common pitfalls and eliminate bad habits.
  • Flashes of dizziness can be dangerously disorienting You'll learn how to help keep your body from falling when these sudden dizzy spells occur.

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Over 3 hours and 57 pages of detailed instruction!

Normal Price $67

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Sharon A. 39

Massage Therapist

“One of the special highlights is the balancing series. I'm really really enjoying it! Thanks so much Landon for sharing your knowledge."


Ted T. 53

River Rafting Guide

“At 53 years old, I'm the oldest working raft guide on this class-5 river here in Maine. I've tried yoga before, but Landon's course helped me fill in those knowledge gaps and now I feel I have a clearer path toward staying young, active, flexible, and loose. There's no way I'm letting those 20-year-olds show me up on the river!"

Chris G. 65

Registered Nurse

“I'm really enjoying your series. I have been doing yoga for quite some time and have been exposed to many yoga teachers. You are by far, the absolute best! You have a talent for demystifying yoga and you give excellent cues!”

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How Will My Course Be Delivered? 

Your course access will be delivered via email. We never share your email address with anyone else. 


When Is Each New Day In The Series Released?

Each morning you'll receive an email with your new materials for the topic that day. Each day comes with an exclusive training, reference eBook, and 60 minute yoga class. 


May I Download These eBooks And Videos?

Yes! Every eBook and video is available for download. Most students choose to stream each video from the website. However, you may also download each file individually if you choose. 


What Devices Can I Watch This On?

Any device that has internet can access the videos. Smart TVs can easily be set to play these videos as well.


Do I Need Any Extra Equipment Or Props?

Buying extra equipment is not needed for this course. You may be encouraged to use common house-hold items like a chair, towels, or pillows from time to time. 

Claim The Youthful Yoga Workshop Series Today, Totally Free!

Over 3 hours and 57 pages of detailed instruction!

Standard Price: $67

Today: Free!

Mary S. 59

Retired Fire Officer

“These exercises have been easy to fit into my busy schedule. I enjoy how Landon takes you step-by-step through each pose. It's really helped ease the tension in my lower back.”

Heather B. 58


“All I can say is that my consistency has improved dramatically. These modules have been just the spark I've needed!”

Carla G. 44

Legal Assistant

“I'm on the computer a good 8 - 10 hours a day and that leaves me with a VERY stiff neck and shoulders. Doing Landon's series has left me feeling so good!”

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