Top Tibetan 12 Best Singing Bowls - Quartz, Metal & More

So it’s time to upgrade your space…

You’ve got your meditation cushion, your altar with all of your important gemstones and now it’s time to add another important piece. 

Depending on what exactly you need it for and how much you are willing to spend I hope to help you find the best singing bowl that will work for you. 

Let’s dive in and explore our options with the number one choice…

Top Pick

Over 4770 Ratings!

  • Beautiful handmade cushion accents the bowl perfectly and allows it to sing well. 

  • 4” size allows you to take your bowl with you to yoga classes or other spiritual events. 
  • Easy to make sing! The bowl and mallet are well balanced to help achieve the beautiful sound you want!

Space can be an issue.

When you already have so many other gemstones, bracelets, blocks, bolsters, and other yoga gear you need to be wise about what else you fit into your space. 

Singing bowls don’t need to be ultra big to have a profound effect. A small bowl can still make a profound effect. This 4” bowl is miniature perfection for your personal space. 

There’s definitely bigger ones out there,however. We’ll get to those here soon. 

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  1. Silent Mind 4” Tibetan Singing Bowl
  2. Silent Mind Bronze Mantra Design
  3. Ohm Store Handcrafted Singing Bowl
  4. DharmaObjects Meditation Bowl
  5. Artncraft Singing Bowl With Striker
  6. Shalinindia Metal Bell Bowl
  7. Tree Of Life Tibetan Singing Bowl
  8. Master Healing Hand Hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl
  9. 5.5" Tibetan Singing Bowl For Meditation
  10. CVNC Crown Note “B” Frosted Quartz Singing Bowl
  11. Yak Therapy -Tibetan Singing Bowl Set
  12. 3 Pcs Tibetan Singing Bowl Set


How Do I Choose A Singing Bowl?

Size and material are the biggest factors in deciding what type of singing bowl to get. Most bowls are made out of metal or quartz. Quartz is beautiful, but metal bowls are more traditional. 

Size will be the other factor to consider. Larger bowls can get really loud - almost too loud for a normal size bedroom. Those are better for events and bigger gatherings. Small bowls are ideal for a personal space. 

Silent Mind Bronze Mantra Design

Over 1870 Ratings!

Here is pretty much the same product, but with a different design. 

The aesthetics of your singing bowl are important. This bronze design is really quite magnificent. It almost seems to be a dullish gold more than bronze. 

When selecting your singing bowl you should choose something you really like. It's going to last you a VERY long time so be sure not to settle. 

You may even consider getting something with colors that match your yoga blankets, bolsters or other gear. 


What Makes A Good Tibetan Singing Bowl?

Craftsmanship will be the biggest variable when determining what’s a good bowl for you. Some bowls are easier and harder to make than others. All of this takes practice and a high quality mallet as well. 

Ohm Store Handcrafted Singing Bowl

Over 2780 Ratings!

This is a good option for a minimalist. 

This singing bowl is only 3.5” in diameter. That may sound almost like it's too small, but don’t worry this handmade piece of artwork can still sing loudly

If you live in a dorm room, studio apartment or just want something that’s easy for travel purposes then I’d highly recommend this smaller option. 

DharmaObjects Meditation Bowl

Over 570 Ratings!

Find the right sound depending on the size you choose. 

The DharmaObjects line of bowls allows you to choose which size you’d like. They range from about 3.5 inches on the small side and 5.5 inches for larger ones. 

Larger bowls tend to have a deeper, more “full” sound to them. This is partly because they have a wider mouth and shallow overall depth in comparison to smaller bowls. 

That’s not to say that small bowls sound bad at all. A small bowl will have a high pleasing hum to it. Really large bowls will have a more intense, but pleasant droning type sound. It’s all in what you prefer. 


How Much Does A Singing Bowl Cost?

A small basic singing bowl is right around $30. Larger bowls can be as much as $200. If you want something truly unique and exquisite you could pay into the thousands. 

The price of a bowl won’t always equate to quality. Most people are happy paying somewhere in the $70 range for a nice singing bowl, but have a hard time justifying paying more than that because the sound quality won't necessarily improve unless you purchase a VERY large bowl. 

Budget Pick

Over 610 Ratings!

  • Find a rich sound without having to be rich! Perfect introductory singing bowl for beginners. 

  • Really good size for the price! Other 4.5 inch bowls cost twice as much!
  • Good for learning how to hold and make any bowl sing.

Unlike other singing bowls, this one does not come with a cushion to hold it. 

That’s not necessarily a bad thing because there is a certain art to holding a bowl in the palm of your hand and getting it to sing. 

There are much easier bowls on this list that take practically zero skill to make sing. There’s something inherently satisfying to practicing using this ancient artifact. There are subtle things you learn when faced with a more stubborn singing bowl. 

You always feel accomplished when you eventually do make this bowl sing. It’s not difficult, but you do need to be present and watch what you’re doing. 


What  Should I Look For When Buying A Tibetan Singing Bowl?

First off, consider the size of the room your singing bowl will be used for. A small room will do fine with a small bowl. A large auditorium will need a bigger bowl. 

Next think about ease of getting it to, “sing.” Typically crystal bowls are easier to make sing, but won’t have that nice metallic “bing” when struck. 

Shalinindia Metal Bell Bowl

Over 400 Ratings!

This bowl is beautifully basic.

It also offers a soothing deeper sound than other smaller bowls. This 5” diameter bowl is really for those who only care about tone. There’s no design on the outside so if you care for something pretty, this isn’t it.

Nonetheless, this is a good singing bowl that comes with a mallet and cushion. This is also a pretty good buy too. The price varies between $10 and $20, so if you want something basic that sounds good (and at a good price) this would be a solid choice. 

Gift Idea

  • Choose the right size for your space - 4” 5” or 6” available. 

  • Comes with a scroll with a quote from the Dalai Lama on it.
  • Includes a string of Tebetian prayer flags as well!

This is a fantastic gift idea for anyone who does yoga or meditation. 

Let’s be honest for a moment. Some people will only ever use a singing bowl as a decoration. While yes, they are intended to be used and played, they do also make for a certain tranquil aesthetic

If you buy this for someone who never uses it, it still comes with enough bonus goodies to make for home accent accessories. The Dalai Lama quote and the prayer flags are really nice as well. 

Not to worry. This bowl is much more than a decoration. It sings beautifully and carries a rich, full tone. 


How Many Singing Bowls Do You Need?

Most people only really need one single bowl. As you become more in tune with singing bowls you may collect more and notice that some carry different sounds and feelings to them. 

Start with one bowl, but always try a new one when you’re able. You may discover that a different bowl can help in different situations. 

Master Healing Hand hammered Tibetan Singing Bowl

Over 180 Ratings!

For those who are serious about their meditation and/or yoga you’ll want to check this bowl out.

It’s a full 10” diameter which is much larger than other travel singing bowls. It comes with two different mallets. A wooden mallet for making the bowl sing and a felt wrapped one for striking the bowl. 

There are many different sounds you can get from this bowl - all depending on where you strike the bowl. The sing is a soothing deep tone that has a long soothing sustain. 


Are Singing Bowls Religious?

These bowls are used to help aid in meditation in buddhism, but they aren’t necessarily religious. 

While an altar in a Christian church may have religious symbols or decorations on it, it’s still just an altar. Furthermore, altars are used across many different faiths, just like a singing bowl has been adopted by many faiths and spiritual practices.

I would say they are not a deeply religious item, but they still will hold spiritual significance for some devote individuals. 

5.5" Tibetan Singing Bowl For Meditation

Over 100 Ratings!

Here’s one for the musicians out there.

These bowls are tuned to reach a specific note. If you have perfect pitch then listening to a bowl that’s a little bit flat can drive you crazy. 

When ordering, just indicate which note you’d like. Most musicians will find “C” to be the most useful, but there are other notes to choose from as well… Just indicate which note you’d like to have when ordering. 


What Are The Benefits of Singing Bowls?

Singing bowls carry a soothing tone that helps aid in meditation and relaxation. Depending on what area of your body you would like to target you can even choose a corresponding note or frequency. 

CVNC Crown Note “B” Frosted Quartz Singing Bowl

These may not be traditional, but they sure do sound amazing. 

Any gemstone lover knows the healing and protective properties of quartz. Combine that with the specific crown chakra frequency of the B note and you’ve got yourself a very powerful singing bowl. 

These are mainly intended for energetic healing and clearing purposes. You can absolutely use them for mediation as well, but most find them helpful in energy work. 


How Do You Clean A Singing Bowl?

Caring for your singing bowl will depend on the type of bowl you have. With a metal singing bowl it’s best to use a warm damp cloth to wipe away the dirt and grime. Then use a new towel with a bit of olive oil on it to help cover and protect the bowl. 

Glass bowls should be cared for by using a damp cloth. Never spray Windex or other harmful chemicals on your quartz glass singing bowl. 

Yak Therapy -Tibetan Singing Bowl Set 

Over 150 Ratings!

This is a fantastic set for those on the go.

The handcrafted design is absolutely beautiful. The miniature pillow is exquisite. What’s really nice however, is the bag to put everything in!

It sounds almost silly, but having a matching bag to put everything inside of is the best aspect of this set. There are lots of other bowls on this list that unfortunately do not have a matching carrying bag

Best Set

  • Ideal for those who need different tones for different uses.

  • Amazing price for 3 singing bowls in one package!
  • Handcrafted designs ensure a uniqueness to every item!

Here’s a set that would be good for a few different reasons. 

You may want to keep one of the bowls and gift the other two! I’m sure there are a couple people in your life you could think of that would really appreciate them! 

These also would make for a lovely accent on your mantle or personal altar. The 3 different sizes really help to create a pleasant atmosphere. 

Lastly, if you enjoy sound healing work then these 3 bowls will be a good addition to your tool kit. Every bowl has a different feel and prosperity to it that you will intuitively know what to use it for. 


There we have it! From the above list you should have a good place to start when looking for the best singing bowl. I hope I’ve been able to give you a few things to think about and help with some common questions.

If you are just starting out then try going with the Silent Mind brand here. It’s a wonderful bowl for beginners and will suit most people well. 

Those who want something pure and unique, you may want to entertain the frosted quartz bowl like the one above. It’s a lovely pure way to clear and cleanse your space of bad energies. 

 Is there a certain bowl you enjoy? Let me know in the comments!