Top 13 Best Yoga Straps To Help You Stretch & Relax

Need a little help with holding a better stretch in your poses?

Sometimes having a strap to assist you in postures like Hand to Big Toe Pose and even Forehead-to-Knee can really help. 

I’ve gathered together some of the best yoga straps in this post to help you navigate which one may be right for you. We’ll go over some questions and look at some of the leading products. 

Let’s take a look now at the number one choice...

Top Pick

Over 5100 Ratings!

  • Top choice among physical therapists and sports medicine professionals.

  • Comes with a detailed booklet on various tips and methods for using your new strap!
  • Ultra durable and made from Nylon in the USA means you’ll have this strap with you for years.

Yes, this is a “multi loop” stretch strap…

You might be used to normal yoga straps that are just one super long piece of material where you have to loop things back through to create a space where you can hold a stretch. 

While I am all for tradition, when something is much easier, why not just go with it? Why waste precious time fidgeting with those metal rings when you have 10 loops pre-made and ready to use?

A live example...

If you have ever been in a yoga class when the teacher asks you to just “make a loop” with your strap then you may know what I”m talking about. 

If you don’t hurry up and complete the task then you’re left behind as the teacher is explaining something 5 steps ahead while you’re left fumbling with your strap. 

I’ve put this one at the top because most people will just need a basic strap to hold basic poses and stretches. 

Quick Navigation:

  1. The Original Stretch Out Strap with Exercise Book
  2. Sport2People Stretching Strap for Yoga
  3. SANKUU Yoga Strap
  4. ScotamaloneYoga Multi-Loop Strap
  5. Tumaz Stretch Strap
  6. HLPD 2 Yoga Blocks and Strap Set
  7. Syntus 9-in-1 Yoga Set
  8. REEHUT D-Ring Buckle (various sizes)
  9. A2ZCARE Yoga Stretch Strap
  10. Pete's Choice 5-Pack 8Ft Yoga Exercise Straps
  11. Hugger Mugger D-Ring Yoga Strap
  12. Gaiam Yoga Straps
  13. Wacces Multi-Color


How Do You Use A Multi Loop Strap?

Using a multi loop strap couldn’t be any easier…

You simply hold one of the end loops in one hand and then place your foot or ankle in another open loop… Bend, pull, and feel the stretch! 

Granted there are many more intricate stretches you can do, but that’s really the basis of it. I would recommend getting a multi loop stretching strap that comes with a guide book on how to do a few different moves. 

Sport2People Stretching Strap for Yoga

Over 800 Ratings!

This is also a clear frontrunner…

This 6 foot long strap will absolutely help you come deeper into poses and various stretches. As with the top choice this does come with a guidebook to help you navigate a few different poses and stretches, but it’s not quite as detailed. 

As we travel down the list there are really only minor things you’ll notice about each of these multi loop straps. This has good quality construction, but the stitching is just slightly less impressive than our top choice.

Nonetheless you’ll have this strap for a year or more before you would ever have to worry about stitching coming loose. 

SANKUU Yoga Strap

Over 680 Ratings!

This strap is wonderful for taller people…

If you are six foot or taller then you’ll enjoy this 8” long strap. It’s admittedly hard to write a review that is a “one size fits all” approach. Everyone’s tastes are different. Everyone’s body is different.

If you are under six foot then you may find this strap to be too much because of how long it is… Really the extra length may not be necessary. However, those who are over six foot will like having a strap that’s their size. 

Lastly, it comes in a bunch of different cool colors! If color-coordinating your yoga gear and accessories is important for you then you’ll want to check this one out. 

ScotamaloneYoga Multi-Loop Strap

Over 360 Ratings!

This strap is good, but a bit odd…

First of all you’ll notice that it’s cotton. Most straps are made from Nylon which is much more durable than cotton. It’s not that a cotton strap isn’t bad, it just has a different feel to it.

If you want a strap that has a bit of “give” to it then you’ll want to take a closer look at the ScotamaloneYoga strap. Some people find that nice to have, while others find it annoying.

Again, it’s really a preference thing, but cotton straps are typically not industry standard for physical therapy and sports medicine. 

Tumaz Stretch Strap 

Over 230 Ratings!

Let’s talk about width…

Most straps are about 1.5 inches or wider. The wider the strap the more surface area it has when pressing into your body. Imagine pulling a thick dress belt around the arch of your foot versus an old phone charger cable… The cable is going to hurt more, right?

Thinner straps can be annoying...

The Tumaz strap is only 1.2 inches wide. This means it’s a bit thinner than other straps and might hurt a bit more. It will certainly cut off circulation and leave marks more than a thicker strap.

This actually may not be a big deal for you. For some people however, keeping in mind the width of the strap is very important. 


What Are Some Good Yoga Sets With Straps?

Good yoga sets with straps are kinda hard to come by. Some have exercises in mind, and others have yoga in mind. 

You could pick up a yoga set with:

  • Straps
  • Blocks 
  • A mat
  • A towel
  • And a bag to carry it all

The problem is that these are often marketed towards people who know very little about yoga and/or working out. Because of this the quality is typically pretty bad. 

Here are a couple of basic sets that are of decent quality that, in good conscience, I would recommend. 

Best Set With Strap

  • Just what you need to start accessorizing your yoga practice. Two blocks for comfort and one strap for deepening!

  • 3 inch Wide blocks provide the optimal width to help support most yoga postures.
  • 8 foot length of yoga strap is perfect for most everyone when creating loops, holds, and assisting in binds!

Finding yoga sets with quality straps is surprisingly hard…

You may need a block and a strap, but don’t want a yoga mat. On the other hand you may only want a yoga towel and a strap. Sadly there’s no mix n’ match combo to suit your exact needs.

The HLPD set is a good place to start for most people. After you’ve got your yoga mat, finding a good pair of blocks and a strap is typically the next step. This set has 2 standard yoga blocks and an 8 foot long yoga strap. 

Syntus 9-in-1 Yoga Set

Over 160 Ratings!

This is the ideal set for those who do more than just yoga.

I really like the addition of the strength bands to this package. Because yoga is often a healing practice for many people the lighter color (yellow and red) bands are useful for basic rehab work. 

I’ve had issues with my right shoulder for a long time. While doing yoga does help, sometimes it’s also nice to use the ultra lightweight yellow band for gentle mobility and strengthening exercises.

As a bonus, this also comes with a booklet to help guide you through a few poses as well! 


What Is The Best Yoga Strap Size To Buy?

The best size for most people will be 8 feet long and 1.5 inches wide.

A traditional yoga strap is not a multi loop strap. This is because you can do more intricate and advanced holds and binds when you just have a basic strap. 

The length of the yoga strap you need actually depends on how knowledgeable you are using it. A shorter length will be for those who want to do very basic holds and binds.

Longer straps are sometimes better...

The 8 foot long strap is nice because you will be able to do most intermediate loops, and holds with this much slack. 

A 10 foot long strap is used for advanced holds and binds where you need the strap to snake around your body more. The longer it is the more distance it will have to travel around your body and wrap where it needs to wrap. 

REEHUT D-Ring Buckle (various sizes) 

Over 1160 Ratings!

This strap yoga goers absolutely love…

The different colors and sizes make it perfect for someone to choose exactly what they want. Smaller straps are for beginners and kids. The longer ones are for more intermediate users and adults. 

If you want options for just the right length of strap then REEHUT is a classic standard among many yoga studios. 


How Long Is A Standard Yoga Strap?

The standard sizes for most yoga straps that have a D-Ring buckle are:

  • 6 feet
  • 8 feet
  • 10 feet

Furthermore, most straps are 1.5 inches wide. 

The size you need will depend on your height and ability level. Multi loop straps are typically 6 feet or 8 feet long. This is because they are not technically yoga straps and don’t need the extra length when making loops. 

Budget Pick

Over 100 Ratings!

  • Just over 6 feet long makes it lightweight and easy to store in your yoga bag.

  • Quality construction for the price. Good stitching and good quality.
  • Best quality strap for the price. Save money over other straps that cost twice as much!

This strap is perfect when you need to get the job done, quick and easy…

What I mean is that if you need a strap to help you with one or two stretches or poses then this would be a good purchase. If you need a strap for the majority of your yoga practice then you may not want to choose this one. 

It’s only 1 inch wide which may be a deal breaker for some people. Having a slightly wider strap that’s 1.5 inches is often much more comfortable. Regardless, you’ll find this strap does a good job if you just need a quick strap for a few different posture. 


How Do You Secure A Yoga Strap?

There are two ends of your strap - one with the metal rings and one with the normal end of the strap. 

Simply take the normal end of the strap… Run it through, around, and back through the end with the rings… I know it’s a bit hard to explain in words so here’s a video that explains this well.

Over 650 Ratings!

This is as classic as it comes…

Pete’s choice is a cool company because they offer bulk options. If you have a family who enjoys yoga or even a few friends this would be a good choice.

I often buy package deals like these and then give the remaining gear to people who need it. Furthermore, when you get 5 straps for only roughly $25, it’s an easy way to make your friends or family happy at only $5 per gift. 

Hugger Mugger D-Ring Yoga Strap

Over 200 Ratings!

Here’s a standard strap with one cool aspect…

The size of the strap is labeled on the top near the D-Ring! Granted that might not sound like a big deal to you, but allow me to explain.

If you are a yoga teacher or own a studio and have to deal with dozens of tangled straps then this can be a life saver. When you hang the strap up you’ll easily see what length is what… This way you can easily hang all the six foot straps with the six foot straps… the eights with the eights and so on…

It just makes things easier to organize if you end up having 5 dozen straps laying around after a yoga class. 

Gaiam Yoga Straps

Over 180 Ratings!

Here we have another one made from cotton.

The Gaiam yoga strap is a bit shorter… only 6 feet long. This would be a good strap for those who want a bit of give in their straps. 

Cotton is also a good material because you can just throw it in the washing machine when it needs cleaning. This is especially nice when you do hot yoga. 


Do I Need A Yoga Strap?

You don’t need one, but they sure do help. 

It all depends on the type of yoga you want to do. Some quicker moving vinyasa style classes of yoga may not lend itself well to having a strap. Some teachers may not even call for you using one.

But in other classes...

Styles of yoga such as yin, restorative, and/or warm and gentle will call for the use of a strap quite often. It is very situation dependent. 

Overall, having a strap by your side is a good idea for those who want to spend more time in their yoga poses and have the ability to “throttle” the intensity of the stretch as needed.

Wacces Multi-Color

Over 130 Ratings!

I had to put this one on the list for the fun colors alone…

Granted it is a multi loop strap, but it’s still kinda cool and funky. The green and black combo or the orange and balck combo is just fun. 

Sometimes color can be important...

The strap is okay quality. Hence why it’s at the end of this list. Nonetheless if you want a fun splash of color then this basic 6 foot long, 1 inch wide strap will do the job.


It's my biased opinion that I like muli loop straps over traditional yoga straps…

This is because I like to be able to just slip my hand or foot into a loop and stretch right away. I don’t enjoy having to fiddle with the whole D-Ring set up.

Now allow me to contradict myself… 

Anytime I have taken a slower style class where the teacher guides you through lots of relaxing postures with the use of a traditional yoga strap then I love it! You just have to know what you are doing with the traditional D Ring setup.

What do you think is the best yoga strap? Did I miss any listed here? 

Leave your comments below and namaste!