5 Yoga Buckwheat Yoga Bolsters For Ultimate Comfort

For those who love yin or restorative yoga having a good quality bolster is important. 

You spend a long time in poses and need to be comfortable. Oftentimes bolsters that are filled with cotton or foam can absorb heat which can cause you to sweat. 

If your goal is deep peace and relaxation, you won’t want to feel stuffy or sticky. This is when buckwheat comes in really nice because it stays cooler than other materials.

I’ve researched a few products here to help you discover the best buckwheat yoga bolster to provide a soothing and relaxing yoga practice. 

Top Pick

  • Remove as much of the buckwheat filling as you like to create the ideal shape and size.

  • Otter cover is washable and it won’t shrink!
  • Stays cooler than other foam or cotton bolsters.

This is just a really wonderful option overall…

The size is about 26” x 5” so it’s long enough to run the width of your yoga mat without trouble. If you don’t like how stuffed it is then removing some of the buckwheat is always an option.

Other than the utility of this bolster the designs are really beautiful as well. Each has a traditional indian design that will bring a unique aesthetic to your yoga space. 

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  1. DoYourYoga Buckwheat Bolster
  2. Seat Of Your Soul Rectangular Bolster
  3. Brentwood Home Bolster
  4. REEHUT Zafu Yoga Meditation Cushion
  5. Satori Buckwheat Pillow


What Is The Best Filling For A Yoga Bolster?

Most fillings offer certain pros and cons. Foam and cotton will have more cushion and offer a medium amount of support. Buckwheat will have little cushion and off a high level of support. It all depends on what you want to have in your practice. 

If you're a fan of buckwheat, check out this article for a few options on buckwheat neck pillows:

This organic option is a smart buy for those who are more eco-conscious. 

The organic cotton cover of this buckwheat bolster is soft and inviting. If you know you have allergy issues then you’ll want to consider this as an option. 

This is a pretty good size as well. It’s 28” x 9” x 5” which is ideal for assisting many different yoga poses. There’s really not much a bolster of this size won’t allow you to do. 


How Do You Make A Buckwheat Yoga Bolster?

For those who are savvy with a sewing machine you just need to create two large slipcovers that zip closed. One will need to be just slightly smaller (about a quarter inch in each dimension) so you can fit it inside of the larger one.

Simply fill the smaller slip cover with buckwheat, then slide the larger one over that one to protect it and you’ve got yourself a bolster! The typical dimensions are somewhere around 26” x 9” x 5”, but it doesn’t have to be exact. 

Over 130 Ratings!

This is a big boy! 

The Brentwood bolster measures 25” x 11” x 6” which is a good size! Especially the 11” width which is good to have when laying on your bolster. You don’t want something judding into your back. The longer width provides plenty of support

Expect this one to be heavy. That’s really the only downside. When you fill up something this size with buckwheat then you can expect it to weigh quite a bit. 

Beyond that, the outer design is warm and inviting. This has tons of 5 star reviews and is quickly becoming one of the best bolsters on the market. 


What Can I Use As A Yoga Bolster?

Bolsters made especially for yoga are pretty unique in size and density, however there are a few substitutions you could use. Couch cushions and blankets are always a good call. They may not have the same feel, but you can certainly get by for a little while with those. 

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This may not be your traditional size for a yoga bolster, but it can absolutely work. 

REEHUT makes this round bolster in different diameters. I recommend going with the large 16” size. This way you can still use it as a meditation cushion as it was intended OR feel free to use it as a bolster. 

Having a round bolster is nice because it gives you options. This is especially true when doing meditation. The round shape is much easier to sit on for your end-of-practice meditation than a traditional rectangular bolster. 


Do I Need A Yoga Bolster?

If you enjoy doing fast moving classes and your goal from yoga is more of a workout, then you probably don’t need to use a yoga bolster. 

On the flip side, if your goal from yoga is deep peace, and tranquil relaxation then having a bolster can be a big asset towards a more mellow yoga practice. 

Over 130 Ratings!

Here we have a really good hybrid bolster. 

It can be used easily for both your normal yoga practice and meditation. The unique shape of this bolster is what allows this to be possible. If you enjoy doing a lot of meditation and some basic yin yoga poses at home then you’ll find this choice ideal.

Beyond having to deal with the unique shape, keep in mind its a bit smaller than your traditional bolster. It’s only 4” high, so if you’re used to something that’s 6” then this will be a bit different for you. 


Figuring out a good fit is never easy. I hope the above products have given you a good idea on what to look for when picking out a buckwheat yoga bolster. 

For other types of bolsters check out this article with a few different options:


If you want something traditional then go with the top choice here because it’s ideal for most all yoga sessions.

For those who love to meditate I would seriously consider the Satori because of its unique shape and design. 

Do you have a certain bolster you love? Let me know in the comments below!