12 Best Cork Yoga Blocks To Help Keep You Stable & Grounded

Yoga blocks made from cork are quickly becoming one of the more popular yoga accessories.

They provide wonderful stability. So much so, you can even use them for more things than you can traditional foam yoga blocks. 

The question is, which cork yoga block is the best for you? There’s a lot to choose from and each has its own unique features and benefits. 

We’ll explore some of the most popular cork yoga blocks out there so you understand what to look for and how to find one that will work well in your yoga practice. 

Let’s look at the first one now...

Top Pick

Over 400 Ratings!

  • Manufactured in Germany with the highest ecological standards of any cork block on the market.

  • Ultra durable! Most other blocks will chip or shed within a week or two. Manduka blocks remain solid for years.
  • Dense, but smooth to the touch which invites a grounding harmonious feel into your yoga practice.

Manduka has been making quality sustainable products for yoga-lovers for more than 20 years. This standard size yoga block of 9 x 6 x 4 inches is a staple for many yoga teachers. 

They know who their customer is and seek to provide the best gear to ensure an outstanding yoga practice. All of the blocks on this list have their own unique properties and are certainly good blocks, but the cork block by Manduka is at the top for a reason.

No Chips Or Shedding

As you’ll see towards the bottom of this list, some of the blocks are prone to chipping or shedding of the cork material from which they are made.

I’m not saying it’s impossible for the Manduka block to chip. I’m sure if you threw it against a brick wall a few dozen times then you’d have some damage. The point is, if you’re just using this for yoga, you won’t notice even a blemish for months. 

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  1. Manduka High Density Cork Block
  2. Hugger Mugger Yoga Block
  3. YogaAccessories Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Block
  4. DA VINCI Set of 2 Cork Blocks
  5. NamaStrength Yoga Cork Wrist Wedge
  6. Infinity Strap BRIK
  7. ONE Bae Cork Yoga Mat and Block
  8. Zenletics Cork Block
  9. Wai Lana Green Yoga Block
  10. Kakaos 4 Inch Cork Yoga Blocks Set of Two
  11. 2nd Wind - Yoga Wheel & 3 Blocks
  12. KUYOU Yoga Block 2 Pack Plus Strap

Hugger Mugger Yoga Block

Over 190 Ratings!

Here’s a block that still has amazing quality, but it’s just a little bit smaller and a little bit lighter.

The Hugger Mugger cork block is constructed very well and is made from a slightly lighter grain of cork than other blocks. This means you still get the same strength and stability, but without all the weight. 

Size Of A Cork Yoga Block Matters

As you decide upon a yoga block you’ll want to consider how thick of a yoga block to get. Specifically you’ll want to consider the smallest dimension. 

Most yoga blocks you’ll find are typically 9” x 5” x 4”. This means the smallest amount of “help” you could get from the block would be 4 inches. 

This is important because sometimes you DON’T WANT THIS MUCH HELP when doing yoga poses. You want to feel the stretch in a yoga posture and if the block is providing too much assistance then you may feel nothing at all. 

A Tiny Bit Smaller

The Hugger Mugger block is just a tad smaller. It’s only 3.5 inches thick. Knowing what size of block to get will come with time, but the general rule of thumb goes like this… Beginners should get a 4” block and intermediate or advanced levels should get a 3” block.

Beginners should always err on the side of safety and having a larger block will certainly provide that for you. More advanced levels typically enjoy a smaller block because they may not need that extra inch. 

YogaAccessories Eco-Friendly Cork Yoga Block

Continuing on with the idea of size, this is only 3 inches, rather than the 3.5 inches block listed above. 

It may sound silly to make such a big deal out of 1 inch of width, but when you're doing yoga in which many things are based off of how things “feel”, one inch can mean a lot!

Your Wrist On A Cork Yoga Block

Imagine you grab the small edge of this block… Your hand only needs to open up 3 small inches to do so. 

When you put weight into the block your wrist can remain relatively straight because your hand doesn’t need to open that much. Keeping your wrist straight is good because it puts less overall strain on this joint. 

For some people, this same movement with a 4 inch block can be hard on their wrists. If you have small hands, you may want to consider a 3 inch block. 

DA VINCI Set of 2 Cork Blocks

These are two, 4 inch blocks that come in a set. 

By now, you may have a good idea of which size of cork yoga block you should buy. If you are a beginner with medium to large size hands then this set of blocks would be a good choice. 

Why You Need Two Yoga Blocks

Having two blocks helps with many postures. They can both help to amplify, modify and in generally just make postures more accessible than if you only had one. 

Here’s a short list of poses having two blocks can help with:

  • Downward facing dog
  • Upward facing dog
  • Plank
  • Monkey pose (the splits)
  • Head-to-knee pose
  • Bound angle (butterfly)
  • And many more!

If you want to save a little money then look into buying a set of two blocks. Personally, if I were just starting out. This is the set I would get. 

Most Unique

  • Perfect for poses like down dog so you can feel the pose more.

  • Allows you to ground into postures better so you don’t have to support as much body weight.
  • Helps against slipping in postures by offering more traction and grip for your hands and feet.

If you want a new fun toy to play with in your yoga practice then this is it…

These cork yoga block wedges are fantastic for allowing your body to deepen in poses and feel things you never knew you could. 

The Down Dog Example

Most people’s heels do not touch in downward facing dog, and that’s totally okay. There’s a lot happening in your back and spine you should focus on more than just getting your heels to touch.

However, something magic happens when you prop these wedges underneath your heels. Now because you have a better anchor point in your heels, you’ll be able to feel the interaction between your hips and your lower back more.

Infinity Strap BRIK

At first glance these seem cool, but then you wonder, “What do I even do with them?”

First of all, these can be used in FOUR different angles. You can grab the cork yoga block diagonally which will open up a new level of the block that you don’t have with other blocks. 

Against The Wall

Both beginner and advanced levels will enjoy having these blocks against the wall. Beginners will like having their feet on them while shifting from down dog into plank pose. Advanced yoga-goers will have an easier time with Wheel pose and other backbends!

ONE Bae Cork Yoga Mat and Block

Love the feel of cork? Why not get a yoga mat as well?

If you are concerned about slippage while doing yoga then this combination is the perfect set up. With both your mat and your block being made from cork you’ll be safe and secure on your mat. 

Is The Yoga Mat Any Good?

Yes, it’s very good. If you have only used normal PVC or TPE styles of yoga mats then getting a cork mat with a rubber bottom layer is a huge step up. 

They are easy to clean, have a grounding feel, and last for a very long time. Most other mats you’ll need to replace after a year or less of regular usage, but cork will stand the test of time. 

Zenletics Cork Block

This cork yoga block is a fun and affordable solution… 

Remember, the less you pay for a cork yoga block the more easily it is prone to chip or shed. That being said, this is overall still a good option. Especially if you want to save some money. 

Fun Chakra Designs 

You have 7 different chakras  designs to choose from with these blocks. This would make a perfect gift for your yoga friend who always says, “I need to work on my opening up my throat chakra.” 

If you enjoy connecting with your energy centers during a practice then having any one of the 7 chakras next to you can be a helpful reminder to stay focused, grounded, safe, or whatever you choose! 

Wai Lana Green Yoga Block

Want a budget option that’s only 3 inches? Here you go!

Wai Lana is nothing special, but it does check two major boxes. First, it’s less than $20 which is a good deal. Second, it’s only 3 inches. 

If you read the discussion about block sizes above then you’ll remember how smaller blocks can be good for people who are more advanced or who have smaller hands. 

Is Cork Shedding A Big Deal?

This cork yoga block may chip and shed a bit, but is that really such a big deal? If you are using any of these blocks on this list exclusively for yoga then they will hold up just fine. 

If you have a family with little kids, dogs, and cats running around then you may want to reconsider. If any one of those three got a hold of your block, you probably won't find it in the same condition you left it in. 

Kakaos 4 Inch Cork Yoga Blocks Set of Two

Here’s another good option if you’re on a budget…

These are sturdy blocks that will provide support and help you with most every yoga pose you could want them for. Getting the set means you’ll have the ability to amplyfiy and modifiy in even more postures. 

A Cork Yoga Block Is Heavy

The biggest complaint most people have about cork yoga blocks is the weight. If you are used to the lightness of foam yoga blocks and don’t want to be bothered with the weight of a dense block then cork might not be a good option for you. 

2nd Wind - Yoga Wheel & 3 Blocks

If you are working through lower back pain and would like a cork solution then this is the perfect kit to get. 

You’ll get a yoga wheel and 3 BLOCKS, not just two. Having a third block is actually very helpful when combining it with yoga wheel. It allows you to gently come into positions much better. 

Lower Back And Disc Issues

If you have an old herniated disc in your lower back then using a yoga wheel to gently encourage backbends might help you. 

Working through a slipped disc is a real challenge and should always be done so with caution. If you know what you are doing and see yoga as your form of physical therapy, then having this cork collection would be a good addition to your accessories. 

Top Pick

  • Save money and get two blocks for less than the price of one brand name block!

  • Comes with a bonus stretching strap to help you hold stretches or reach binds in your poses.
  • Cork is 100% biodegradable - a much better choice for the planet over foam blocks. 

Sometimes you just want a cheap n’ easy solution…

If you are looking to save money on a set of blocks then this really is the best buy. You’ll get 2 blocks for only about $30. Compare that to some of the other blocks on this list and this one is a clear winner. 

You Get A Stretching Band

The latex stretching band is nothing special, but it is far better than having nothing. It’s not a yoga strap, but you will certainly find it useful in being able to hold poses better and for longer than if you did not have one. 


Having a cork yoga block can help you tremendously in your practice. They are much sturdier and more solid than other styles of blocks. If you are not sure where to start then it may be best to go with the Hugger Mugger option.

Those who want to have fun and play around in their yoga practice more might want to entertain the NamaStrength brand for a few different fun options.

Do you have a cork yoga block at home? How do you enjoy using it? Let us know in the comments below!