3 Best Hemp Yoga Mats For 2022

Looking for an ecologically and healthy mat option?

Yoga mats are notorious for having bad chemicals that can be harmful to both humans and the environment. 

As a yoga instructor myself I'd like to share with you a few options when it comes to selecting a hemp yoga mat. I’ve read over a few dozen reviews and came up with the following.

Let’s take a look at the first one...

Top Pick

Sud'z Eco-Friendly Hemp Finish Yoga Mat  

  • A fantastic blend of ecologically friendly products and performance. Hemp and natural rubber materials make for the perfect grounding experience.
  • The textured hemp finish top makes for a good grip so you don't slip and risk injury when holding poses.
  • Chakras printed on mat are a pleasant visual cue to help you refocus and stay present in your practice.

This yoga mat is part hemp and part rubber.

Sorry to say, but a 100% hemp yoga mat would not feel very good. That is unless you like the idea of practicing on a big chunk of hemp rope - because that’s probably what it would feel like. 

Most hemp mats (this one included) are going to be a blend of something. I chose this one because rubber comes from rubber trees and is also a decent ecologically friendly choice.

Overall, the design is cool, the grip is good, and it won’t slide around on a hardwood floor. The hemp finish on top makes the feel of this mat very inviting. It’s a little thin - 3mm. So be prepared for that. 

Runner Up

EcoStrength Hemp & Jute Mat

  • Solid construction means you'll have this mat for years to come. Save money instead of buying a new may every year. 
  • Well padded. This mat is 6mm thick to provide you with fantastic support and cushion for your joints. 
  • The natural color keeps it looking the same after years of use. Easy to clean and keep looking beautiful after each session. 

This mat also has a rubber bottom.

Again, it may not be ideal for some people, but it’s still a good mat. Rubber does have a faint smell to it. However, it’s been my experience that the rubber smell will fade overtime - especially if it’s left to air out some. 

This mat is kinda cool because it’s made from a mix of recycled, vegan, and other natural materials. It’s 64inches x 24 inches at 6mm thick so it’s got some good padding. 

If the state of the environment is your top priority when choosing a yoga mat then I’d say check this one out. Otherwise your best bet would be an organic cotton yoga mat. 

3rd Overall

Felko Hemp Yoga Mat

  • A mixture of hemp and jute make for a good grip so you won't slip in poses like Downward Dog and Warrior 2.
  • All eco-friendly products means a low overall carbon footprint.
  • Perfect for ecologically minded yoga beginners who want an entry-level mat that won't be bad for the planet. 

This mat is made from both jute, hemp and an eco-friendly PVC material. 

PVC is yes normally very bad, but it does depend some on how the material is processed. In this case the manufacturer has done a good job of leaving out the bulk of the bad materials.

Because it’s not fully natural like the above two options I’ve placed it last on the list here, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good mat. 

The texture is a tiny bit rough which is good for not slipping when your hands get wet. This hemp yoga mat is easy to maintain and requires very little upkeep.