Top 3 Best Mandala Yoga Mats For Peaceful Practice

Looking for a yoga mat that’s a little more… beautiful?

We all enjoy a mat that can hold a good grip in your Downward Facing Dog, but if you’re staring at a plain old dull colored mat, what’s the point?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have both?

I’ve compiled a short list here of the 3 best mandala yoga mats you should consider.

Each has its own unique benefits. So, depending on what you need, you may just find it here.

Let’s get started with the first mandala mat...

Best For

Hot Yoga

  • The ideal combination of a microfiber top and rubber under layer to give you optimal performance in the hot room. 

  • The wetter it gets, the better you stick to the mat! No more worrying about slipping in poses!
  • Beautiful design. You’ll always have a mandala in view no matter how you are positioned on the mat. 

This is a simple yet beautiful design…

If you enjoy having that peaceful symbolism near you at all times then you’ll enjoy this combo mat from Yoga Design Lab. 

Rather than having to lug around a towel AND a yoga mat you’ll enjoy having the combination of both in one setup. Furthermore, this mat is machine washable which makes the cleaning process easy. 


What Does A ​​​​Mandala Symbolize?

The literal meaning of mandal is circle, however it’s much deeper than that.

The intricate geometric design symbolizes the universe. These are sacred symbols honored in both Hindu and Buddihst traditions. 

Budget Pick

Over 4100 Ratings!

  • This mat strikes a harmonious balance of being lightweight and thick enough to help support your joints better.

  • Made from non toxic PVC materials means you don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals touching your skin. 
  • Comes with a free bonus downloadable yoga class to get you started right away!

This Gaiam mat is not only an affordable option, it is also one of the best overall options…

If you do yoga at home and have a beginner to intermediate level of practice then you’ll be pleased with this mat. There’s a good amount of support, cushion, and stability to provide you with a safe practice. 

You will need to wash and/or scrub this mat down just a bit before using it. Many users have complained about the smell after getting this mat. However, after a quick wash you’ll be good to go. 


What Is A Mandala And What Is Its Purpose?

Depending on which tradition (Buddhist or Hindu) you are talking about, a mandala will have somewhat of a different purpose. 

Generally speaking, a mandala is helpful in a mediation practice - each design/object within the larger object represents a certain aspect of wisdom or a guiding principle. They are also used in traditional healing practices as well. 

Best Travel Option

Over 360 Ratings!

  • Ultra thin at only 1mm allows you to easily fold this mat and slide it into your suitcase or backpack for easy travel.

  • Perfect solution for an at-home practice on carpet. Save space with this easy, simple, and thin mat!
  • Eco friendly material made from natural rubber from rubber trees!

Once again, Yoga Design Lab delivers…

This easy-to-cary travel yoga mat is ideal for people on the go. If you do a lot of hotel stays and need a quick and easy solution then this will be a good addition to your mat collection.

You may want to try this...

Many people actually enjoy having this mat to place on top of other mats. A unique solution I have found is to use one of the free studio yoga mats, but place this travel mat on top. That way you’ll have plenty of padding, but you’re also protected from the other mat.

Adding a travel mat to your collection is not for everyone. If you are expecting to use this mat on a hard surface then you can forget about it. It’s very thin and offers zero padding.


Depending on what your needs are you may have to do a bit more research to find a quality yoga mat with a mandala on it. Be careful. There are plenty of cheaply made mats on the market that will break down over time. 

If you have a specific brand of mat you enjoy let me know in the comments below!