Top 7 Best Meditation Incenses For Calm And Relaxation

Incense has long been used by many cultures for its soothing, spiritual, and healing properties. 

On a scientific level, the use of specific relaxing herbs in incense can help to calm your nervous system which can make it easier to go into those deeper brainwave states in meditation.

However you look at it, there is a big draw to have a soothing scent wafting through the air when you’re relaxing. I’ve compiled a list to help you discover the best meditation incense that will work for your needs.

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  • Enjoy a massive value when you go with this bundle.

  • Ideal for a 30 to 60 minute yoga or meditation session. 
  • Discover a new scent beyond the normal Nag Champa.

Variety is awesome… 

If you burn incense while meditating then you may be bored of the same old smell. Or worse yet, you become dependant upon a certain smell to help you focus. 

Mixing up your incense is a mellow and pleasant way to change up your meditation practices. You may find you really like a new smell you didn’t know existed with these. 

Because you have so many, you can easily give the scents you don’t enjoy away to other friends who may want to try something different. 

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What Is The Best Smelling Incense?

It depends on your personal preference. Many people enjoy a classic sandalwood or sage smell. Other people may want something a bit more forest-like with cedar or cypress. 

Original Nag Champa 

Over 3550 Ratings!

You’ve certainly smelled this before, it’s just such a classic. 

The term “Original” is often misunderstood when it comes to this incense. There are actually lots of inconsistencies when it comes to Nag Champa. 

Some people would say this is not the “real” thing, but unless you know the exact factory it came from in India then you’ll just have to trust that it’s good enough. 

If you are an incense connoisseur then you probably wouldn't be reading this post anyways. For most people, you’ll enjoy the pleasant smell of this classic incense while sitting on your meditation cushion.

See more about cushions here: https://staging.yogawithlandon.com/yoga-meditation-cushion/


What  Is The Best Brand Of Incense?

Many of the brands on this list will be the best and most popular. Between all of the reviews done there’s more than 30,000 positive reviews for these different incenses. 

HEM Collection Of Incense

Over 2200 Ratings!

How about something fun and different?

The Egypitan Jasmine is a lovely scent in this pack. You may even like the eucalyptus fragrance as well. 

This brand also tends to burn a bit slower than the classic Nag Champa. If you need something to last for at least 25 or 30 minutes then HEM is a good bet. Naturally that all depends on how humid the environment is, but in general these will last a bit longer. 


What Does Incense Do Spiritually?

The purpose of incense is two-fold. First it helps to clear out any bad energy. Second, it helps to create and channel a clear conduit for a divine connection. It protects and helps to gently amplify your meditative practice. 

Bless International Handmade Sticks

Over 2240 Ratings!

Here is a nice set of incense when you need something short and sweet - literally. 

They are a bit shorter than other incense sticks and have a subtle sweet smell to them. If you enjoy frankincense and myrrh then you’ll love these. 

If you plan to do something for about an hour (such as yoga or meditation) then this is a good primer for both of those activities. It will help get you in the mood, but not be a distraction as you progress through your practice. 


Does Incense Clean Air?

Scientifically speaking, no - it does not. Not at all. In fact it does quite the opposite. If you want pure clean air to be filled with oxygen and nitrogen then incense is a bad idea. 

Energetically speaking, yes - it does. Those who are sensitive to ethereal energies enjoy lighting incense for this very purpose. It’s ideal for meditation when the veil of physical reality and your energetic reality may become a bit thinner. 

Popular HEM Incense Pack 

Over 1570 Ratings!

HEM comes to the rescue again. 

This time we have the 6 most popular scents all combined in one group. This is a good choice for someone looking to give incense as a gift

There are unique smells that are different from the normal smelling Nag Champa you might be used to. With names like “forest rain” and “dragon’s blood” you’ll find a package you particularly enjoy. 


Are Incense Sticks Bad For Health?

Surprisingly, it kind of is bad for you. This all depends on how much smoke you breathe in and how frequently of course. Nonetheless, some incense can produce mild irritants and carcinogens

Our lungs are designed to clear themselves out, so as long as you don’t over-do things, you should be fine. Those who have a sensitive respiratory system should stay away from all types of smoke. 

Hem White Sage Incense Sticks

Over 2130 Ratings!

Sage is a wrecking ball when it comes to clearing out your energetic space. 

Smudging with sage is somewhat equivalent to mopping the floor with bleach. It smells strong and will REALLY wipe the energetic slate clean in any room you burn it. 

Some people don’t enjoy sage for this reason. It’s good for clearing out a new living space, but not always needed for day-to-day use. If you want an incense form of white sage however, this is a good product to look at. 

Budget Pick

Over 1480 Ratings!

  • Choose a scent to enhance your mood, be it relaxed or energized.

  • Strong floral smells that dissipate quickly.
  • Minimum 20 to 30 minute burn times. 

Need a calming scent? Try the Moon and the Star package. If you want something a bit more invigorating then use the Sun or the Planet package. 

We all meditate for different reasons. A midday meditation might be for the purpose of grounding and getting re-energized. An evening meditation might be for sleep and relaxation. With this pack you can easily choose a good corresponding scent. 

Try one of these mellow scents in combination with a yoga eye pillow for an ultra calming evening before bed.


I hope you’ve found a few good options for finding the best meditation incense for you. If you want something classy then go with the original Nag Champa brand. 

For those who want to be a bit more adventurous you should try this fun package of cool sticks here. It’s something pleasantly different.

Did I forget something you enjoy? Let me know below!