11 Best Natural Rubber Yoga Mats For 2022

Rubber is quickly becoming the standard for higher-end yoga mats. 

This is because they are far better for the planet than other mats made with harmful chemicals. Furthermore, when your mat is at the end of its life cycle, you can rest easy knowing it’s far more biodegradable than other mats made with plastics.

Thus the question becomes… “With so many mats out there, how do I know which one is right for me?”

Let’s explore your options as I guide you through finding the best natural rubber yoga mat for your needs. 

Let’s begin with the first one and work our way down...

Top Pick

Over 6180 Ratings!

  • The absolute best grip of any yoga mat on the market.

  • Bottom layer never slides on hardwood or tile flooring.
  • No towel needed! Sweaty hands won’t interfere with your traction. 

You can’t get any better than this mat. 

After teaching and practicing yoga on many different mats for years I’ve never found a mat that performs the way this one does. 

The overall “feel” of something is hard to put into words. Nonetheless, the way your hands and feet hold fast to the mat, the perfect amount of padding, and a tiny bit wider width than normal all combine to make this one the top choice. 

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  1. Liforme Original Yoga Mat
  2. Yoloha Aura Cork Mat
  3. Jade Fusion Mat
  4. Jade Harmony Mat
  5. Jade Travel Mat
  6. Manduka PRO Mat
  7. Manduka eKO Yoga Mat
  8. Manduka eKOlite Mat
  9. Hugger Mugger Rubber Yoga Mat
  10. Yogi Bare Paws
  11. ARC Yoga Mat

Yoloha Aura Cork Mat

You may be surprised to see a cork yoga mat on this list, but don’t worry the bottom is still made from natural rubber. 

The reason this particular mat is so high up on the list has all to do with grip. If you sweat a lot then having a cork top to your mat is wonderful for keeping your traction. It’s not as good as the Liforme mat, but it’s still fantastic

This mat also comes in two different sizes so you can choose the right length for your body type. Those who want something natural should consider giving this hybrid mat a try. 

Now, let’s get back to more pure rubber mats. 


Are Rubber Yoga Mats Safe?

It would be very rare to have any type of allergic reaction to a natural rubber yoga mat. Latex is usually the issue for people, but most yoga mat companies pride themselves on being latex-free in their manufacturing. 

Jade Fusion Mat

Over 260 Ratings!

This thick mat from Jade is one of the best you can get. 

Jade produces its mats from rubber trees and in return plants a new tree for every mat sold. Don’t worry, the rubber is harvested in a sustainable way so as to remain as ecological friendly as possible. 

This mat is an impressive 8mm thick. If you need extra padding for your yoga practice then you’ve certainly got it. The overall grip is solid and sweaty hands won’t cause you to slip. 

The only downside is that this mat doesn’t do well in really really sweaty conditions. Nevertheless, you can always grab a yoga towel and you’ll be just fine. 


What Is The Best Eco Friendly Mat?

There are varying levels of how good or save something is for the planet. While rubber yoga mats are good, you can’t beat a hand woven organic cotton yoga rug. These mats are by far the most eco friendly mat you can get. 

Most Versatile

Over 2890 Ratings!

  • Enjoy a strong and reliable mat you can take anywhere.

  • At 5mm thick this mat offers just the right amount of padding without causing you to wobble.
  • Fantastic customer service to help navigate any issues. 

This Jade mat is a tremendously popular choice among yoga students and teachers. It’s a very well balanced mat and offers fantastic stability. 

The issue with really thick mats is that you may find it harder to balance because there’s just TOO MUCH padding. Not enough padding and you may experience joint pain if you're on your hands and knees.

It’s hard to strike that balance, but this rubber material and its 5mm thickness do a good job. 

Jade Travel Mat

Over 370 Ratings!

Last in line for Jade is the travel mat…

It’s 3mm thick so it’s definitely a thinner mat than your normal size, but it still provides really good grip. 

As with all mats made from natural rubber there’s going to be a rubber smell. Unfortunately that’s just part of the process. In terms of Jade VS Manduka you’ll find that Jade mats will smell just a tiny bit less and have a bit more grip. 

You may find that one of the following mats from manduka is actually far better than this 3mm travel mat. I’ve placed it higher though because I feel Jade is just marginally better than Manduka. 

Either way, all the mat’s on this list are really good in their own way. As long as you stay away from a cheap PVC yoga mat then you’ll be just fine. 


How Do You Clean A Rubber Yoga Mat?

There are generally two ways to go about this…

One, is to simply get a good quality yoga mat cleaner. Just spray it down and wipe it away. That should get rid of any dirt or grime on it.

Two, is with baking soda. Toss a bunch of baking soda on your mat and scrub it down with a tiny bit of water. Be sure to use a non-abrasive brush. Rinse off your mat really good and allow it to dry in the sun for a few hours. 

Manduka PRO Mat 

Over 2900 Ratings!

This is a classic yoga mat with thousands of positive reviews. 

It’s got a really good grip, the thickness is fantastic at 6mm, and it will last you forever. 

What’s interesting about this mat is how it actually gets better over time. At first you may not feel like there’s anything special about it. After things become just a bit worn in however, there’s a marked difference in grip.

You will have to “season” your mat. Just do a simple baking soda scrub and you’ll have one of the best feeling mats on this list. It may be annoying that it’s not 100% ready-to-go out of the package, but it’s well worth it. 

Manduka eKO Yoga Mat

Over 580 Ratings!

If you want a bit more protection against slipping then consider the eKO line of mats. 

The top layer is a bit more textured than the PRO model to give it a bit more traction. It’s not quite as dense either. 

Manduka is a quality company and has been making mats for a long time. They have high ecological safety standards too. All this means that you can trust this mat is not made from PVC, nor will it have any harmful chemical agents 


Are Rubber Yoga Mats Better?

They are far better than mats made from PVC or TPE. Those mat materials are cheaper to manufacture and are more processed than rubber. This is partly why a rubber yoga mat costs more than the cheap mats you can get at the discount store. 

Manduka eKOlite Mat 

Over 760 Ratings!

If you don’t like the idea of lugging around a big heavy yoga mat then try this eKOlite. It’s only 4mm thick and has a unique construction that will keep you steady on the mat.

The top layer is made from natural tree rubber to ensure your grip and comfort. The bottom layer is a high density foam that holds well to flat surfaces. 

This would be a good mat to have for use at home as well. It’s a bit thinner than other standard yoga mats, but if you have carpet on your floors then you’ll be just fine 

Hugger Mugger Rubber Yoga Mat

This is a really good quality mat with one minor flaw.

It will perform just as good as any of the other mats listed here, but the smell coming off this mat is by far the worst of any on this list.

Fortunately the smell does fade overtime, but it takes a while. Hugger Mugger is a good brand that makes all sorts of good yoga accessories, but it seems they still have a ways to go with figuring out the manufacturing side of things for their mats. 

Yogi Bare Paws 

Over 300 Ratings!

As you might tell, this is a bit of a knock-off of the Liforme mat. 

That’s not always a bad thing though. Just because it’s not the top of the line model doesn’t mean it’s still not a good yoga mat. 

It’s made from natural rubber and costs half as much! It performs really well in the hot room, or even in room temperature. It’s not quite as good as the real thing, but if you want to save some money I'd consider this one for sure. 

Budget Pick

Over 110 Ratings!

  • Alignment lines engraved on the mat help to keep your body in the right place.

  • Costs half as much as other mats on this list, and still works really well! 
  • Lightweight dual-layer construction means it’s easy to carry without strain. 

Here’s another hybrid yoga mat that’s worth a look.

The bottom is made from natural rubber, but the top is made from a polyurethane layer for fantastic grip. 

Granted polyurethane is not as natural of a product as tree rubber, but if you want to save some money this mat is absolutely a good choice.


I hope you’ve found a few things to consider before diving into your new natural rubber yoga mat choice. The best mat I’ve ever had the pleasure to practice on is by far the this Liforme mat. It’s just so well made, you really can’t top it. 

For those wanting a good mat that stands the test of time you may want to consider the Manduka Pro mat. It’s a big hunk of rubber that comes with a solid guarantee.

Are you enjoying a rubber mat I should know about? Let me know in the comments below!