Top 11 Best Yoga Headstand Stools To Ensure Easy Inversions

Want to be your best at headstands?

It’s pretty cool when you see other people pressing up into a handstand or doing something else inverted like a forearm stand or shoulder stand. 

You may want to overcome your fear of being upside down. Going inverted can be pretty scary, so getting a little help along the way is a good thing. 

If you’re looking to get the best yoga headstand stools then I’ve got you covered. I’ve researched and compiled this list to help you navigate your way through selecting the right one for you. 

Furthermore, we’ll answer a lot of common questions about doing inversions along the way!

Let’s jump right in with the number one headstand bench pick...

Top Pick

Over 200 Ratings!

  • Manufactured in Germany to the highest quality standards means you won’t need to worry about it breaking

  • Fantastic customer service. No matter the issue, FeetUp is happy to assist and get your problem solved. 
  • Super comfortable padding means you can hold inversions for longer!

There’s a reason this is number one…

As we go through many of the following products you’ll see that there are minor issues which may be a deal breaker for people.

Often you’ll see complaints about the padding being too hard on the yoga chair, the rubber stoppers on the feet coming loose, or perhaps even the general construction of the yoga stool. 

This headstand stool checks all the boxes. It’s the original headstand trainer stool and all the products that follow are imitations in some way. 

That’s not to say they are bad, however. You may find any of the following more to your liking. Make sure you keep in mind your individual needs

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  1. FeetUp Trainer
  2. Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench
  3. Evolution Health Bodylift Headstand Bench
  4. WonderView Yoga Inversion Chair
  5. SISYAMA Fitness Yoga Headstand Chair
  6. Basic Yoga Headstand Bench
  7. Health Mark Yoga and Exercise Bench
  8. MaxKare Yoga Headstand Bench
  9. Aozora Balanced Body Headstand Bench
  10. Doufit Headstand Bench
  11. PEXMOR Yoga Headstand Bench 


Is FeetUp Trainer Safe?

Using a FeetUp Trainer or any other headstand support stool is only as safe as the individual using it. If you are in good health then you should be totally fine - just practice against a wall so you don’t flip over when using an inversion bench like these.

If you are still concerned then perhaps find a friend to help you get inverted the first few times. Headstand stools are safe, they just can be a bit scary at first because you're not used to doing a yoga inversion. 

Restrial Life Yoga Headstand Bench

Over 460 Ratings!

This Restrial life yoga bench aspect of this model is particularly nice…

Having the attachment where you can change from it being strictly a headstand trainer into a bench makes this product a bit more versatile. 

As you are exploring all the options, be sure you understand that these are not all strictly for doing headstands. Having a low bench option opens up the realm of possibility for dozens of other modifications and amplifications of postures so you can work towards being your best.  

It’s somewhat like having a really high yoga block but one that you can put more weight into.  The best yoga inversion bench trainers will have multiple benefits.


What Are The Benefits Of Putting Your Feet Up?

Having your feet above your head will help with blood circulation, it calms the nervous system, and invites an overall sense of calm and peace into your life. 

Depending on how high you put your feet up will depend on the tools available to you. Headstand training benches are certainly on the more extreme end of this, but even doing “Legs up the Wall” pose also works well for blood circulation and your nervous system. 

Evolution Health Bodylift Headstand Bench

Over 130 Ratings!

Do you want a metal or a wood headstand bench?

The general consensus of most people who use head stand benches is that wood is often better. This is because one, its an eco-friendly option and two, wood grips a bit better than metal. 

Perception Is Important

Granted, there is something to be said for the mental aspect of having a bench made of metal. Our perception is that metal is stronger than wood headstand bench. And while this is true in most cases, there are more variables that go into how “sturdy” a bench is than the materials alone.

Things such as:

  • The grade of materials used
  • The overall design
  • The type of hardware used

Nonetheless, if having a bench made of metal supporting you puts your mind at ease over having one made of wood then by all means, go with metal!


How Long Should You Hold A Headstand?

The simple answer is, no longer than five minutes. How long you choose to hold your headstand will be up to you. Naturally, if your arms are starting to shake then it’s probably a good idea to lower on down. 

Here's a simple list:

  • Beginners 30 to 60 seconds
  • Intermediate: 1 to 2 minutes
  • Advanced: No more than 5 minutes

The five minute rule applies to most yoga postures. This is because it’s a good happy medium between beginner and advanced practitioners. 

Beginners should not exceed holding yoga poses for more than 5 minutes because their bodies are typically not used to that amount of stretch for that long of a time period. When you're in an inversion chair for too long your neck and shoulders can get pretty sore.

WonderView Yoga Inversion Chair

Over 140 Ratings!

Here’s a quality stool that will need assembly…

You’ll receive a box with a bunch of pieces and no tools to help you assemble this inversion chair. That’s not a bad thing if you are comfortable putting it together yourself. 

Metal alone can dig into your hands...

The WonderView is a good stool, but as with many metal stools the metal bars might dig into your hands a bit more than if you had a wooden stool. 

Regardless, the padding feels good on your neck and shoulders and it easily doubles as a footstool and/or support for doing various yoga pose modifications. 


Who Should Not Do Headstands?

Doing a headstand could be dangerous for people who have high blood pressure, glaucoma, and/or are pregnant. 

There is naturally a good amount of strength involved when holding yourself upside down. If you do not possess good core or arm strength then you may want to consider conditioning these parts of your body before doing headstands. 

SISYAMA Fitness Yoga Headstand Chair 

Here’s a good option for those who are more fitness minded. 

The foam handles on this setup are really its best feature. They are perfect not just for holding on to when you are upside down, but also good for doing tricep dips and other gym style exercises.

Need more padding?

Another good feature is the padding. If your shoulders are extra bony or wider than your average person then you’ll enjoy the wider cushion base. This also makes it much more gentle on your shoulders overall


Does Inversion Increase Blood Flow To The Brain?

Sorry to say, but inversions do not increase blood flow to your brain. The brain prefers to have a consistent environment. There will be increased blood flow into the skin surrounding your brain, but not the brain itself. 

Any sensations that come from being in an inversion chair are typically the response of your nervous system as a whole responding to being upside down. It may be calming for some people or it may be terrifying for others.

Basic Yoga Headstand Bench 

Here’s a product that’s anything but basic…

The suction cups on the bottom of this metal bench are perfect for harder surfaces. If you are going to be using a yoga mat underneath your inversion stool then that may not matter, but it’s nice to know you’ve got extra stability.

As with many different metal designs this headstand bench is also foldable. It will slide easily under your bed for quick storage. 


How Do You Use A Yoga Bench?

There are in fact many uses for yoga benches. You can do headstands, modify poses, use them to help float in and out of different postures, and many more! 

This video details a few of the best methods…

This is a quality bench, but I’ve placed it pretty far down on the list because it’s really for more advanced fitness types who want to make sure they look their best.

If you are someone who enjoys having lots of fun work out options at home then you’ll love the Health Mark Yoga and Exercise Bench. You can do dips, bicep curls, flys, and a lot of other basic exercises. 

Not a gym person? It’s not the best...

If you are more inclined to just use this product as a basic yoga chair then it’s a bit overkill. If you are looking for a headstand trainer AND a modified workout bench then this would be ideal. 

MaxKare Yoga Headstand Bench 

This is a really good choice for someone that’s a smaller body type.

The padding is pretty good, but those who will be putting more than 150 lbs onto the cushion may find it a bit lacking. 

This is good for:

  • Young kids
  • Petite adults

If you have children in middle school or high school that love yoga then this is also a fun option. It’s a quality stool, but people who are looking for inversion therapy might want to choose a different inversion chair from this list. 


Can You Break Your Neck Doing a Headstand?

Most likely not. The more likely injury would be an injured disc or perhaps even a vertebrae misalignment. That’s not to say these injuries are not serious and should be treated as such. The neck is sensitive, but a full "break" is unlikely.

If you are worried about falling on your head and becoming paralyzed from the neck down just from trying a simple headstand or handstand then it’s extremely unlikely. 

Aozora Balanced Body Headstand Bench

This is a good product for someone who wants to use an inversion bench and do some core conditioning as well. 

It’s pretty basic, but I would recommend this for someone who just wants to break past their fear of doing headstands or handstands. It’s not going to be a the best piece of yoga equipment you use to grow your practice much beyond that. 


Is Forearm Stand Easier Than Headstand?

While these two poses require a lot of the same muscle groups, doing a forearm stand is much harder than doing a headstand. Generally, forearm stands require more shoulder strength. The best yoga practice for doing forearm stands may be to start with handstands.

Forearm stand requires more balance and core strength when you are initially starting. Furthermore, it’s hard to find a good halfway point to practice this pose in. Headstands are a bit easier to practice and therefore you will probably find it easier to do.

Doufit Headstand Bench 

If you want both a gym and yoga workout then this bench is a solid choice.  It's not the best yoga inversion bench

Overall, the padding is good and the bench is sturdy. The only downside is that some customers have complained that the handles slide around some when gripping on to them. It’s constructed well, but the handles may be a bit troublesome for certain people. 

PEXMOR Yoga Headstand Bench

Lastly we have another workout setup…

The bands are not very high quality with the PEXMOR, but you can change them out for other ones that are as you like. 

Most other headstand stools don’t come with a carrying case, but this one does! If having a carrying case for equipment is important then this inversion chair would be a wise choice. 


If you want a good yoga headstand stool then you might want to look closely at the second choice on this list. The bench setup from Restrial Life is very versatile, stable and high quality. 

For those wanting more of a gym workout option I’d go with the Health Mark Exercise Bench. It’s made well and has some fun options for working out.

Is there a headstand stool for yoga you love? Let us know in the comments!