21 Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands Now In 2022

If you have sweaty palms when you do yoga, then you know how annoying it can be when your hands start slipping…

Everything is fine for the first little while so you think,”I won’t need a different mat or a towel this time.”

But inevitably you begin sweating, losing your grip, and becoming steadily more frustrated in class.

I thought yoga was supposed to relax us - not make us angry! 

I’ve taught hot yoga for quite a few years now so I’d like to share with you my experience with various mats, which are the best ones for sweaty hands, and even a cool tip or two along the way. 

Let’s get right to it with my top choice...

Top Pick

Over 860 Ratings!

  • Without exception it’s the best mat that still grips when it’s wet of any on the market.

  •  Not too thin or thick. It provides just the right amount of cushion so your hands will grip with effectiveness.
  • No towel needed. These mats are designed to work so well you won’t need that pesky towel messing up your yoga practice. 

I’ve written about the Liforme yoga mat quite a few times here on my blog, and for good reason.

It’s really that perfect trifecta of utility, ecologically friendly, and price. Granted the price on this mat is a bit steep - it’s affected by the fact that it will last you for a few years.You actually will save money with this one mat rather than buying 4 over the course of 2 or 3 years. 

I don’t know if you have experienced this…

But when it comes to your hand slipping on the mat there seems to be a bit of inconsistency. Some days the only slide a little bit, and other times it feels slicker than a sheet of ice. 

I’m grateful for the Liforme mat because it stays consistent. No matter how much or how little i sweat, my hands stay put right where they should be. 

Moving on, let’s dive into our list top top yoga mats that will help keep your hands from sliding...

  1. Liforme Original Yoga Mat
  2. Harmony by Jade Yoga
  3. Liforme Travel Mat
  4. Jade Fusion
  5. Ekaminhale Organic Yoga Rug
  6. Yogasana Cotton Yoga Mat
  7. Jade Voyager Travel Mat
  8. Felko Hemp Yoga Mat
  9. Sud'z Eco Friendly Yoga Mat
  10. Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat
  11. Clever Yoga Nonslip Thick Padding Mat
  12. IUGA PRO Nonslip Mat
  13. Manduka Pro Yoga Mat
  14. Manduka PROlite Mat
  15. Manduka eKO
  16. Manduka eKOlite
  17. Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat
  18. PIDO TPE Yoga Mat
  19. Ewedoos Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines
  20. HeathYoga Non Slip Mat with Body Alignment System
  21. Arteesol Mat

Over the past 15 or more I’ve had personal experience with many of the mats on this list. Some I own personally and some I’ve had the fortune of trying out for a few classes.

Each one has been surprisingly good at helping my hands stay put where they should be.

Let’s keep moving...


What Are The Best Yoga Mats For Sweaty Hands?

If you are not going to go with my top pick above, then this next set of mats will be the next best thing for helping your hands to stay put. 

Sliding on the mat is a mixture of sweat and oils on your palms that cause the overall coefficient of friction between your hands and the mat to lessen. 

In simple terms, the more you sweat the more you slide…

Here are a few mats that will help you stay put...

Harmony by Jade Yoga

Over 2890 Ratings!

This mat is pretty darn near perfect…

The price, the construction, the utility… Everything about the Harmony is wonderful. All in all, what stood out for me above anything else was the feel of this mat the first time I used it.

It just FEELS fantastic. It feels like a mixture of smooth cotton and sandpaper, but not sandpaper in a bad way. There’s a very very fine almost grit-like quality to it that feels soft to the touch, but when you press into it with force it will hold you fast.

Wait, what are you talking about?

I know! It’s hard to explain… If you have a friend who has a Jade mat then you just have to see what I mean. 

Furthermore, it feels like the moisture from your hands gets absorbed into the mat somewhat. Almost like it is lovingly pulling it from your hands. It’s not like sponge or a big beach towel… It’s frankly beyond me how it works because the mat doesn’t stay all that wet after an intense yoga session.

Liforme Travel Mat

Over 140 Ratings!

Let’s return to this brand just briefly…

It may sound like I’m spamming you with Liforme considering they have two of the top three spots on my list, but there’s a bigger issue at “hand” here…

The problem we are seeking to solve is that of your hands slipping on the mat. If you slide just a little bit (or even a medium amount) which causes a mild annoyance, you’ll be fine with any of these mats on this massive list.

However, if you find your hands sliding all the time which is a big pain in the butt, then you’ll want to solve your problem by getting a Liforme mat. 

This travel size is pretty thin, so be aware of that because it’s only 2mm. I’ve included it on this list because if you practice at home on the carpet then you should be just fine. 

I would not recommend such a thin mat for hard studio floors, however. 

Jade Fusion

Over 260 Ratings!

Jade delivers once again…

The Fusion mat is a beast. It’s got the same amazing grip as the Harmony mat listed above, but with an even thicker width so you can enjoy even more padding.

An 8mm thickness means you’ll love the joint support and overall cushion you have on this mat. The only tiny downside is that sometimes too much padding can be a bad thing.

You’ll solve the problem of your hands slipping on the mat, that’s for sure. However thicker mats tend to provide less balance when you are doing standing poses like Tree, Eagle and Warrior Three.

Balancing on one foot with a thick mat can be a bit tricky, because this mat is so dense, you may or may not have an issue with balance. Just be sure you don’t trade one problem for another.  


What Can You Do For Sweaty Hands From Yoga?

Often it’s best to have something that will just absorb the sweat from your hands when you’re doing yoga.

Certain cotton mats, also known as “yoga rugs,” can be helpful in this regard. They will absrobe the moisture from your palms so you won’t have to worry about sliding. 

Mats made from cotton are really good for people who have sweaty hands in yoga, but they are not so good for people with dry hands. Dry hands can slip on a cotton rug, where as sweaty hands will find a nice grip. 

Let’s look at the top choice for a cotton mat...

Best Cotton Mat

Over 70 Ratings!

  • Perfect texture to ensure your hands stay put when moving from pose to pose.

  • Made with all natural and organic materials. Enjoy the comfort of a toxin-free yoga mat.
  • Machine washable! If you sweat a lot then you’ll enjoy being able to simply throw it in the machine for easy cleaning!

This is by far the best cotton yoga mat I’ve ever come across…

Sweaty palms will have no problem grabbing on to this mat. In fact, the more you do sweat the better your grip will be!

Cotton mats always perform a bit better when there’s a bit of moisture on the mat. The damp cotton surface provides a pleasant stickiness that actually helps your performance on this mat. 

Another cool aspect of this mat is the size. It’s 6 feet long and 28” wide. This is good because after you wash it then you can expect it to shrink back down to a more “normal” mat size. 

Yogasana Cotton Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is a VERY close second to the one above…

I’ve put this one just barely behind the Ekaminhale because it doesn’t have quite as good of a texture to it. Sure, the texture is really good, it’s just not as good as my top choice.

The texture, or how it's woven, may make a slight difference for you with regards to how much your hands slip on the mat. This mat is just a bit smoother, whereas the Ekaminhale has a bit more waves to it.

On hard surfaces this mat can slide around a bit, so be ready for that. It’s not too bad, but just be aware of that if you’ve never used a yoga rug before. 

Jade Voyager Travel Mat

Over 320 Ratings!

Okay, so I fully understand this mat is NOT a cotton yoga mat because it’s made of rubber.

However, the overall theme of a mat helping to draw moisture out of your hands still applies here. As I mentioned before with the Jade Harmony mat there seems to be a slight aspect of this mat that “wicks” the moisture away from your palms. 

It’s not exactly what’s happening, but all I know is that Jade mats are really good at keeping sweaty hands to stay in place. 

About traveling...

If you travel a lot and practice on airport carpets while you are waiting for your plane, or even if you practice on hotel carpets then you’ll like this mat. It’s foldable, lightweight and easily stored. 

Keep in mind that it is quite thin, so it won’t provide any cushion on hard floors. 

Lastly, it deserves to be in the number 7 spot overall. Putting this mat any lower would not be doing it the justice it deserves. 


Which Yoga Mat Has The Best Grip?

Mats that have a slightly “rougher” texture to them, I find often have the best grip. 

There’s also something to be said for individuality. Each individual will find the following rougher mats to be unusable because when laying down it doesn’t feel quite right.

Other people will love the texture because it’s very earthy and grounding. 

Remember, as we travel down this list you’ll find that each mat has a bit les grip overall than the previous one. The following sets of mats still have really good grip, but you may want to have a yoga towel to accompany them. 

Let’s explore mats that have a few natural fibers in them, thus giving them that unique texture I was talking about...

Top Unique Texture Mat

  • Woven mix of materials provides for a surface that keeps your hands in place.

  • A mix of hemp and jute provide for an earth and grounding experience while you practice.
  • Won’t slide on smooth surfaces like hardwood, laminate, or tile. 

A mat with a “scratchy” surface doesn’t sound like a good experience at first. However, after a few pratice sessions you start to enjoy the earthy quality of this mat.

If you want a fluffy cloud-like yoga mat then look elsewhere. The Felko yoga mat is all about utility. Hemp and jute are naturally a bit more coarse. 

A coarse texture is a good thing if your primary goal is to not slip while you’re holding poses like Downward Facing Dog, or more advanced ones like Crow or Peacock. 

Sud’z Eco Friendly Yoga Mat

The mixture of hemp and rubber is what makes this mat so unique…

You have two seemingly opposite materials coming together to make a really good yoga mat. The rubber prevents the mat from sliding around too much while the hemp provides that nice texture you can still hold on to.

It’s easy to keep clean and won’t absorb odor like other second-rate mats. This is a good choice overall. 

Ajna Eco Organic Yoga Mat

Over 460 Ratings!

Here we have another unique mixture of materials. This time it’s rubber and Jute. 

The natural blend of these two materials coming together is what provides you with such a unique experience. 

This mat is good at holding you right where you want to be without having a scratchy surface. The smoother surface means you hands might slip a tiny bit if they get super sweaty, but if its only a mild amount of perspiration you should be just fine. 

Ajna also has fantastic customer service, cares about the environment, and the people they serve. Overall it’s a solid company. 


Why Do I Sweat So Much During Yoga?

Sweating in yoga has to do with a mixture of 3 different things. One is how hot the room is. Two is the relative humidity. Third is overall how “ready” your body is to release sweat. 

Some hot rooms can get as hot as 110 degrees fahrenheit. This much heat is going to make anyone sweat buckets. Even if your yoga is only room-temp then there’s other factors at play.

Humidity is probably one of the biggest factors you’ll face in sweating. If it’s 77 degrees in a yoga room with 100% humidity then you can bet you’ll be breaking a sweat in no time. However, it can be 90 degrees with only 5% humidity and you may be surprised with how little you’ll sweat comparatively.

Are you ready to sweat?

Lastly, there’s the idea of how ready your body is to sweat. If you’ve done more than ten or so hot yoga classes then you know that each yoga session seems to produce different results. Sometimes you sweat the “normal” amount and others it looks like you just ran a marathon on a treadmill underneath a raging waterfall.

I’ve found there’s really no rhyme or reason as to what makes things better or worse from each time I step on the mat. I used to think it was how hydrated I was, but that didn’t seem to be the case. I”m sure my overall diet has a lot to do with it, but that’s a bit harder to correlate.

All in all, if you sweat a lot in yoga then it’s probably a mixture of any of these three above points. 

If you do sweat a lot you’ll want to consider getting a “closed-cell” mat. I’ve found TPE yoga mats to be a relatively cheap solution to this problem. This way whatever comes out of your body won’t live inside your yoga mat. 

Best TPE Mat

Over 2100 Ratings!

  •  A “closed-cell” top layer means your sweat bacterial won’t leach into your mat causing you to get sick.

  • A wavy pattern on the bottom ensures it won’t slide around on smooth flooring.
  • Anti-tear technology helps provide the mat with a forgiving feel and ensures you won’t wear out the mat too fast.

There’s an interesting quality to TPE mats that make them good for people with sweaty hands…

It all has to do with how spongy the material is. Other mats that are harder don’t have any “give” to them which sometimes makes it harder to hold a pose. When your hand can depress into the mat you’ll have a slightly better grip. 

The quarter inch padding on this mat provides a good amount of give that will ensure your grip holds fast. 

IUGA Pro Non Slip Mat 

Over 1020 Ratings!

This is an outstandingly good mat for the price…

The top layer provides the user with a quality grip that won’t slide or move during your practice. This mat has a good amount of give as well because of its thickness. 

This mat is made from mostly rubber so you'll enjoy we well it performs in the hot room. The bottom layer has an open cell construction that grips well to smooth surfaces. 


Why Do My Hands Slip In Downward Dog?

Your hands slipping in Downward Dog has to do with two things...

The first is how much traction your mat has. As your hands perspire you’ll eventually slip in your  Downward Facing Dog. This is the most common pose for you hands to slip in because of the angle at which your hands are.

The second reason your hands slip has to do with your form. Overall, you should seek to distribute the weight into your thumb, index, and middle finger while in Down Dog.

I’ll be real with you though… No matter how good your form is, if you have sweaty hands you’re going to need a quality mat, or a yoga towel. 

Lots of people find that mixture of both a quality yoga mat and a towel works wonders. Just like moisture on cotton mats helps you to stick to them, so will a little bit on your yoga towel. 

If you are going to go with the mat and towel combo for your practice then I highly suggest the Manduka line of mats. 

Best Manduka Mat

Over 2900 Ratings!

  • Made with natural rubber from rubber trees for a quality and natural mat you can enjoy for years.

  • At 6mm thick you’ll enjoy a mat with plenty of cushion, yet solid stability for balancing poses.
  • Comes in 2 different sizes - regular and large. Enjoy your perfect mat size not matter your height!

If you are going to do the towel/mat combo then there’s really no better choice than getting a Manduka Pro mat.

You might think that 6mm of padding is too much, but fortunately manduka mats are pretty dense. While it may not have a lot of cushion, it makes up for that fact by being overall more solid. Couple that with a towel, and you’ve got a fantastic combination. 

If your hands are sliding around a lot then you may only need a yoga mat towel. Here are 3 more Manduka mats you might want to check out depending on your needs.

Manduka PROlite Mat

Over 2290 Ratings!

Looking for something not quite as thick as the Pro model?

I urge you to check out the PROlite manduka mat if you go to studios a lot. It’s nice to not have to lug a big mat around. At only 4.7mm this mat gives you all the benefits of this bigger brother, but without the intense arm workout needed to lift it. 

Consider getting two! Leave the pro model at home where you won’t need to move it and use the PROlite for studio time!

Manduka eKO

Over 580 Ratings!

The two eKO mats from Manduka hold up really well in sweaty conditions…

The top layer is manufactured just a bit differently to help add more traction between your hands and the mat.

But why isn’t this at the top of the list you ask?

Having a towel on top of one of the Manduka Pro mats is just SLIGHTLY better than these mats alone. The fact is if you sweat a lot then you’ll need a towel to absorb some of that water.

Don’t get me wrong, this is still a really good mat for sweaty hands - just maybe not as good as having a towel on top of it as well. 

Manduka eKOlite

Over 750 Ratings!

If you want a sleek solution for sweaty hands then you can’t go wrong here…

The eKOlite mat with a towel on top is a fantastic combination. The lite model is slightly thinner than the rest of the Manduka mats listed above, but if you are using a towel on top of it there shouldn’t be a problem. 

Manduka eKO Superlite Yoga Travel Mat

Over 1100 Ratings!

This one is worth having on the list because of its versatility…

Yes, it is a travel mat, but you can use it for so much more! 

  • It makes for a good extra layer to have on top of a normal yoga studio mat.
  • You can use it rolled up to place under you neck for cervical support, 
  • You could also even use it rolled up under your knees for lower back support while laying down. 

Having a travel mat comes in quite handy if you do yoga a lot. I keep one in the trunk of my car (with a change of clothes) just in case I want to pop into a studio. 


How Do I Stop My Hands From Slipping in Downward Dog?

If you don’t already have a quality yoga mat, then you’re going to need a yoga towel to help with this problem.

Using a yoga towel will help soak up some of the sweat and oils from your palm. In fact, using a slightly damp yoga towel works the best. This is why you see people spraying down their yoga mats beforehand. It adds more traction.

There is a quick and easy solution however…

You may want to entertain TPE yoga mats. These are cheaper and quazi- ecologically friendly mats that have really good grip. 

This is the budget part of the list… They are still decent mats that will help to keep your hands from slipping, but just don’t expect them to perform as well as rubber-based mats.

Let’s have a look at the top end of these mats...

Best Budget Pick

Over 300 Ratings!

  • Provides good grip for people with moderately sweaty hands.

  • Lightweight and easy to carry. Makes a good addition to your yoga bag without weighing you down. 
  • Non-slip bottom layer to keep your mat in one place to avoid the frustration of the mat bunching up at your feet. 

You might find cheaper yoga mats out there, but I’d advise against it….

TPE is a material that will provide grip in your yoga practice and it isn’t all that harmful to the environment. Cheap foam PVC mats you can find at discount stores for $10 provide terrible grip when your hands are sweating and they are terrible for the environment. 

Check out this post on yoga mat materials if you are curious about what different types of mats are made of. 

Ewedoos Yoga Mat with Alignment Lines

Over 500 Ratings!

This mat has some pretty good grip to it, but the coolest thing is the alignment lines.

Granted this is just a knockoff of the Liforme yoga mat I featured near the top, but it still does a really good job with not allowing your hands to slip. With over 500 ratings this mat is certainly not a bad choice. 

HeathYoga Non Slip Mat with Body Alignment System

Over 2400 Ratings!

Here we have another replica of the top recommendation…

There’s nothing wrong with trying to replicate the number one choice on this list if you do it decently well and at a third of the price. 

For any TPE yoga mat if you have sweaty hands you’ll find that they work pretty well. If you have really sweaty hands however, then you’ll want to look elsewhere. 

Arteesol Mat

Over 300 Ratings!

This mat has two layers. A textured top for non-slip and a spongy layer on the bottom for cushion. 

The reason why this mat, and some many other TPE mats are this close to the bottom of this list really has to do with durability. Many of these mats won’t last much past a year if you are using it regularly. 

They will eventually start to break down and maybe even tear a tiny bit. Once that happens then it's all downhill. Tears or scrapes on these mats will allow funky odors to slowly take over your yoga mat. 

It’s pretty common to have to replace these types of mats after about a year beaucage the grip eventually goes away and/or the smell just becomes too much. 


The best yoga mat for sweaty hands will be one that either prevents you from sliding altogether, or one that helps to absorb the moisture and/or oils in your hands. 

If you are looking for a mat where you don’t need a towel just to keep you from slipping then you really cannot go wrong with the Liforme original mat. It’s the number one choice for good reason. 

Those who desire a unique solution may enjoy a cotton yoga mat or even something like a jade or hemp mat for a different texture. 

Best of luck on your yoga journey!

Do you have a mat you love that didn’t make this list? 

Let me know in the comments below!