3 Best Round Yoga Mats For A Fun & Creative Yoga Practice

Tired of being confined to your box of your normal yoga mat?

Having the freedom to move around your mat without repositioning not only allows you to stay in the present moment better, it’s just fun!

Having a round yoga mat is ideal for those who want more space to play and move rather than use a traditional rectangular mat. 

Let’s take a look at the most popular choice now…

Top Pick

  • 6 feet of space gives you plenty of room to move freely in your yoga practice!

  • Perfect for introducing small children to yoga and play time! 
  • Enjoy a full 30 day refund so you can try it out to make sure it’s a good fit for you.

The Mandala brand round mat is a solid choice for anyone who wants to add a bit more fun into their yoga practice. The round shape allows you to move freely without worry of being off your mat.

Be Creative

A round mat will allow you to do unique transitions you never thought possible on a traditional rectangular mat.

Enjoy pivoting and moving your body from Down Dog into Wild Thing, and then easily move into a seated series facing the “back” of the mat - or “side” of the mat because there are not sides!

Round mats will help you breathe a unique style and personal expression into your at home yoga practice. 

Runner Up

  • Made from an eco-friendly TPE material which is far better for the planet than cheaper mat materials.

  • Choose from 5 or 6 feet! Find the perfect size to fit your body and your living space. 
  • Ideal for parents who want to play with their children while doing yoga! 

The SISYAMA mat was made for Tai Chi, but works just as well for a yoga mat. 

The TPE material is ideal for those who want a solid grip on their mat and want a planet friendly choice of materials. Big round black mat has a small yin yang symbol in the center that’s not obtrusive to your practice. 

The Thickness

At just under 5mm this mat has a decent thickness to provide you with an enjoyable yoga practice. It won't slide around on the carpet and stays in place on hardwood or tile floors as well. 

This is something to pay attention to because with a round mat you can’t simply use a yoga towel to provide extra padding.

Meditation Mat

Over 6180 Ratings!

  • Ideal for meditation where you only need a smaller space.

  • 8mm of cushion provides you with plenty of support so your tail bone and/or ankles don’t hurt.
  • Made from non toxic materials so you can enjoy a toxin-free meditation or yoga session.

For those who do a few light stretches and mediation this mat is ideal

If you are a minimalist who wants a smaller mat for meditation then I’d pick this one up. Personally, after a long run I like to stretch out my legs and then meditate. This mat provides just enough space to do a few basic poses and then settle into a meditation.

Yoga Addicts Look Elsewhere

If you know the sole purpose of buying a round mat is for intense yoga then you’ll have a hard time with this mat because it only has a 4 foot diameter. It’s good for a few simple floor poses here and there, but not for a fully Vinyasa style practice.