Top 11 Best Yoga Gloves For Grip and Wrist Support 

Looking for a bit more traction in your yoga practice?

It’s pretty annoying when your hands start slipping in downward facing dog… Even when you’ve got a good mat and it seems things will be fine - there you are 20 minutes into class slipping every time. 

Some people need yoga gloves because of sweaty or oily hands. Others may just enjoy the overall grip they provide. 

No matter your reason we will explore 11 different types of gloves and how each will benefit you. Furthermore, we’ll also answer some common questions along the way.

Let’s get started with number one:

Top Pick

Over 260 Ratings!

  • Enjoy a solid traction for both your hands and feet in one package!

  • A full layer of rubber gives you a smooth and natural feel when pressing into the mat.
  • Prevent injury and find new levels of balance and stability.  

Normally I don’t like to recommend a package deal as the first choice, but this set is undeniably the best out there. 

The smooth rubber of the gloves creates the perfect amount of friction when holding you in place. These yoga gloves also cover just the right amount of space on your hands. Not so much that it feels like you’re wearing mittens, and not so little that it sacrifices performance. 

No More Dots

The majority of yoga gloves on this list will have small silicone dots that help you stay put on the mat. That’s a very good thing, and they will work quite well for you.

The one annoyance that comes with those types of yoga gloves is the fact that the dots shed. After heavy usage you may need to replace the gloves completely because all of the dots have worn off. 

It’s an individual thing...

Nonetheless, some people don’t mind this and find they have a better feel to them. Also they can absorb sweat a bit better than the YogaPaws listed above. 

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  2. Gaiam Yoga Gloves
  3. Mato & Hash Yoga Fingerless Grip Gloves
  4. ToeSox Grip Gloves
  5. Love Pro 5 Piece Cotton Half Finger Gloves
  6. Zenzation 3 Pairs Gloves Non Slip Grip
  7. HaveDream Non Slip 4 Pack Grip Gloves for Yoga
  8. Stargoods Yoga Gloves
  9. Contraband Minimalist Half Gloves
  10. PWGN Workout Gloves
  11. Flyen Socks and Yoga Gloves Set


What Are Yoga Gloves For?

When you have oily or sweaty hands, yoga gloves can really help to do two things. One, they will absorb some of that moisture and two, they will provide better grip and traction on the mat than you bare hands alone would.

There’s also a lot to be said for wrist support. You may have a slight pain in your wrists and when you add just a bit of traction in your hands this helps to take the wrist pain away. 

Gaiam Yoga Gloves

Over 530 Ratings!

Unlike other companies on this list, Gaiam has been making products exclusively for yoga-lovers for many years.

Their yoga gloves are super popular because they just work. Granted you might see a few dots shed here and there, but that’s minor compared to the traction you’ll get on your mat.

The Material Mix

These are made from 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This mixture allows for both good absorption of sweat, as well as a pair of yoga gloves that provides a quality feel.

Be sure to take not of the materials when choosing your gloves. 100% cotton may sound like a good idea at first, but it can also have a tendency to slide around a bit. 

Mato & Hash Yoga Fingerless Grip Gloves

Over 170 Ratings!

These yoga gloves are pretty good for all around usage. 

If you want a pair of gloves you could use outside for gripping onto tools while you garden, but also have the option to use them for yoga or other workouts, then Mato & Hash would be a good brand to consider.

Cotton, But Not Too Much

These yoga gloves are made with 75% cotton with remaining materials being a mixture of polyester and spandex. Cotton is good for absorbing sweat and it also feels really nice on your skin.

The tiny downside you’ll face is that your hands may slip around in the glove somewhat. It’s typically not a big issue because your hands won't move around that much. These are still a high quality pair of gloves. 

ToeSox Grip Gloves

Over 150 Ratings!

Don’t let the name ToeSox fool you. Just because they make products mainly for your feet doesn’t mean they can’t create a fantastic yoga glove. 

These are made with 50% polyester and 50% microfiber. It’s not a “blend” of the two materials like you might imagine. The back and thumb side of the glove is made from microfiber while the palm is made from Polyester.

Just like a mini hand towel...

This is perfect for using the back side of your thumb for a quick brow wipe. The microfiber is just there to absorb sweat, and the polyester is there for grip. These are pretty cool and unique in my opinion.

Taking Care Of Your Yoga Gloves

If you wash these, they won’t ever be the same…

That’s not to say you can't wash them. You just need to do so very gently. I would recommend keeping your gloves on as you wash your hands under cold water. Then allow your yoga gloves to sit out and dry flat on the counter.

This is a bit of a pain if you sweat a lot and want to wash your gloves frequently. If you’re not a big sweater however, these would work very nicely. 


Will Yoga Gloves Stop My Hands From Slipping On The Mat?

Technically yes, gloves will help you to keep your hands from slipping on the mat directly. What you need to watch out for is your hands slipping inside of the glove itself. 

100% cotton gloves with grip dots will hold the glove solid on the mat, but your hands might slip some because the glove isn’t tight enough to hold your hand. 

Oddly enough, moisture is your friend in this case. If your hands are damp from sweat then the gloves will stick to your hands a bit better. 

Best Bulk Deal

  • Save money when and get more yoga gloves when you buy in bulk.

  • Match 5 different colors with all your various yoga outfits!
  • Use each pair for something different like gardening, working in the garage and/or yoga.

Forgive the pun, but having a set of these around the house comes in very handy

They are especially nice for opening stubborn lids and jars. The grip dots hold your hands secure so you don’t have to exert herculean strength just to open a jar. 

These also make for nice throw-away gloves when doing yard work projects. Sometimes you need a good grip on your palms for holding things, but then want the dexterity of your bare fingers to hammer or drill nails or screws. 

How About Doing Yoga?

Of course! How do these fare on your yoga mat?

They hold up really good as long as you don’t sweat a whole lot. If you are the person in a hot yoga class that leaves a literal puddle around them then you’ll want to avoid these gloves. That’s probably only about 10% of people however.

For the rest of people who sweat a medium amount you’ll be just fine. These yoga gloves need a bit of moisture to perform well. 

Zenzation 3 Pairs Gloves Non Slip Grip

These are a good yoga gloves for those whose hands get hot.

The opening in the back makes them a bit more breathable and seemingly less obtrusive than other gloves. 

Regarding Quantity

This comes in a package of 3 pairs of yoga gloves. It’s nice to have backup pairs because you’ll eventually wear through them. Sorry to say, but there’s no perfect material out there that won’t eventually wear down. 

Should I Get Yoga Socks Or Yoga Gloves?

People first notice how their hands slip while doing downward facing dog. Most often your feet won’t slip unless you sweat a whole, whole lot.

If you feel more comfortable having socks as well as yoga gloves then go ahead and get both! The majority of people will only really need yoga gloves however. 

HaveDream Non Slip 4 Pack Grip Gloves for Yoga

Over 1080 Ratings!

These gloves are small little workhorses! 

They grip really well and clean up easily. The mixture of cotton and polyester are a good balance to where your hands won’t slip inside the glove too much. 

Easy To Rotate

Most people who do hot yoga will (hopefully) wash their outfits after each yoga class. Your gloves shouldn’t be an exception. 

You can wash these over and over again and not have any problem. If you do yoga 3 to 4 times a week and laundry once a week then you’re all set! 

Stargoods Yoga Gloves

Over 140 Ratings!

These are really good for people who do not practice hot yoga.

The main reason you want to avoid these when doing hot yoga is how thick the gauge of materials are. They would simply be too bulky and hot.

Nevertheless, make for really good yoga gloves in a room temperature class. 

Bonus Yoga Strap

If you use a strap and find your hands slipping when trying to hold the yoga strap in your hands then you’ll love this set up. 

No more sliding strap...

Sometimes the pure weight of supporting your arms or legs with a strap can be hard to grab onto. Grip gloves like these are super helpful to lessen the strain on your bare hands when holding onto a strap. 


Why Do People Spray Their Yoga Mats?

It all has to do with moisture. If you have dry hands and a dry yoga mat or towel then you’re much more prone to slip and slide. When you spray your mat and towel it gives you just that little bit of extra grip needed.

This holds true for yoga gloves as well. Your hands will slip if your yoga gloves and hands are dry, but the moment you start to sweat things start to come together. 

Contraband Minimalist Half Gloves

Over 560 Ratings!

People either love these or hate these…

Those who like them really enjoy the minimalist design. It’s nice to have a small & simple pair of gloves like these. They are easy to wash and protect the top part of your palm very well. Furthermore, they won't slide around like some other yoga gloves do. 

The Downside

When you think of wearing a glove, you have a certain expectation that it's going to cover the majority of your hand, not just 25% of it. That being said, these just feel weird

A strange tactile feel...

They do their job to help you keep from sliding around on your yoga mat, but there’s not a consistent feel throughout your whole palm because part of it is in the glove and the other part touches the mat. 

If this sounds like it would bother you then avoid these yoga gloves. If that’s not a big deal then you’ll probably love them. 

How It Helps Your Wrists

With a bit more traction on the glove itself, it takes some of the strain out of your wrists. Even though these gloves don’t come anywhere near your wrists, they still help to alleviate some of the strain in that area. 

PWGN Workout Gloves

Over 100 Ratings!

These are not exactly yoga gloves, but they will still absolutely work well…

As a matter of fact, they will work too well. Your hands will stay put no matter what in these workout gloves. That’s all because they are designed for weight lifting rather than yoga. 

Multi Purpose

I’ve included these on the list because many people who go to the gym also go to yoga. If you are an avid gym-goer and love yoga then you’ll be able to use these gloves for both

Best Budget Pick

  • Perfect for a cheap & quick solution to your slipping hands & feet.

  • Save money on this affordable combination set. 
  • Enjoy them in Pilates, yoga, barre & dance! 

These are ideal for a beginner…

If you are not 100% sure that you will be making yoga a staple part of your life then this set of socks and yoga gloves will work well for you. 

Overall, they are a good starter pair. You’ll eventually wear through them, but by that point you’ll know if you need something different or not. 

Around The House

Beyond the gloves this set comes with a nice pair of yoga toe socks that feel quite cozy. If you are a fan of wearing toe socks around the house then you’ll really enjoy the grips these have attached as well. 


When choosing a quality pair of yoga gloves it all comes down to what your individual needs are. If you are looking to use your gloves for sticky yoga and nothing else then you can’t go wrong with these YogaPaws here.

Others may enjoy having a few sets of gloves to wash with each individual outfit they use. It all really depends on how often you do yoga. 

Do you have a specific pair of gloves you enjoy? Let me know below!