7 Best Singing Bowl Cushions In 2022 - Buying Guide

Got a singing bowl, but no way to offer it some padding?

Or perhaps you just need to add a little color and would like to find a fun design to help accentuate the bowl itself. 

No matter the reason I hope to help you find a singing bowl cushion that works for your particular needs. 

Let’s dive in and check out the first one now...

Top Pick

  • Holds resonance for longer with ring design.

  • Fits most 4” and 5” bowls perfectly.
  •  Lovely blue silk brocade invites a calming aesthetic.  

This will be most people's solution for their singing bowls. 4” and 5” inch bowls are pretty common so be sure to measure the diameter of yours before buying. 

The dimensions of this ring is roughly 4” x 1”. You wouldn’t want to use a bowl that’s smaller than 4 inches with this cushion because the ring would slide up the edge too much. If that happens the sound will be dampened and would defeat the purpose of having a cushion.


Does A Singing Bowl Need A Cushion?

You can certainly play a singing bowl without a cushion just by holding it in the palm of your hand. A cushion can help tremendously, however, because it allows for longer resonance and is easier to set down without the sound being interrupted. 

Rings like these are nice because they don’t muffle the bowl. 

That being said, you always need to pay attention to size. It’s best to have a cushion that’s just slightly smaller than the diameter of your bowl. In this case, these are perfect for 5 inch diameter singing bowls because it’s only 4.5”. 

This could most certainly work for a bowl that’s 4”, but you may risk muffling the sound of the bowl just a little bit. Every bowl is made slightly different, but if you err on the side of a somewhat smaller cushion then you’ll be okay. 


What Is The Purpose Of A Singing Bowl?

These have been used for centuries in Tibet to aid in meditation practices and to help heal and re-balance the body on an energetic level as well. 

Best Combo Set

  • Get a bowl, cushion, and mallet all in one complete set.

  • The cushion hugs the bowl perfectly for a crisp, beautiful sound. 
  • Silhouette images of yoga postures surround the singing bowl. 

If you can't get your singing bowl to sing and you think a cushion might help, then it may be time to just get a whole new set up. 

This is a wonderful 4.7” bowl with a perfect matching cushion. The mallet is also ideal. It has a soft padding that helps get your bowl to sing beautifully as well. 

Over 1080 Ratings!

This is a really good ring cushion for your singing bowl if you have a really big bowl. The 7” size means you’ll need a bowl that is about 8” big. This is somewhat of a rare size, but they do exist. 

The colors are also vibrant and beautiful. The patterns are sewn together well and it’s well made so you’ll have this cushion for a long time. 


Do Singing Bowls Work?

When the sound is loud enough it will absolutely help to block out any other sounds or thoughts. Some can be quite intense. A loud singing bowl can certainly bring your into the present moment and help your focus for meditation.

Need a gift idea? 

These cushions are ideal for any 4 inch singing bowl you find. These would work well as a set of gifts to anyone who values a spiritual practice. 

Another option is to use these as decoration. If you have 4 different singing bowls then placing these on your bookshelf or mantle can really provide a certain pleasing aesthetic to your space. 

You can also add a boost to your practice with incense. Learn more about the best kinds here:


Having a small cushion like this one is good for many different sizes. 

It’s 3.75 inches wide. It’s ideal for a 4 inch bowl, but you could just as easily make it work for a 3 or even 5 inch bowl. This is because the square shape will be a support for the bowl and not really “hug” the outside like a ring does. 

This square cushion is nice and looks beautiful. The only downside is that because the bottom of the bowl is padded you may not get as much sustain from the bowl.

It won’t muffle it too much, but when possible I like to have a ring cushion which will allow the bowl to be as loud and sustain for as long as possible. 

Budget Pick

Over 6180 Ratings!

  • Affordable option for those who need something simple.

  • Beautiful OM design provides a soothing aesthetic. 
  • Small and compact so it’s easy to carry and travel with.

Granted this is more of a pad than a cushion, but it still works wonderfully! 

This small 4.5 inch pad is perfect for any singing bowl that’s 5” or smaller. The OM design is well stitched and compliments the overall item. 

If an OM is not your preferred symbol then you have 3 other designs to choose from. These pads are ideal for those who like the tactile feel of being able to hold their bowl while playing, but don’t want to lose the pleasing sound or resonance. 


The biggest thing to keep in mind when choosing a singing bowl cushion is the size. You don’t want a too large of a ring that won’t even fit the bowl. Try this handmade cushion if you have a normal 4” bowl. 

If you want a cheap and easy solution then look into these bowl pads instead. They may not be as padded as a pillow, but it will most certainly help provide the little cushion you need.

Do you have a specific pad or pillow you like? Let me know in the comments below!